Seamless Surgical Billing Services: Your Path to Financial Peace of Mind

Medcare MSO is focused on delivering excellent and reliable general surgery medical billing services. Our billing staff includes general surgery experts who ensure secure, fast and maximum reimbursements for our clients.

Results-Driven General Surgery Coding and Billing Services

We completely understand the hard work and dedication that general surgeons put into their specialty. Investing large amounts of time and energy into the complexities of general surgery medical billing and coding should not be part of the daily workload Did you know, doctors spend up to 25% of their time on paperwork?

That’s why we recommend outsourcing general surgery billing to a professional billing company like Medcare MSO. We want you to be able to focus more on what you love doing: taking care of patients.

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Time Is Money: Outsource Your General Surgery Billing and Boost Your Practice

Providers who outsource surgical practice management to a professional billing company can see a 20 to 30% increase in their revenue. Medcare MSO is a general surgery medical billing company that submits denied or new claims quickly and without errors, which results in good things for your bottom line. Our billing and coding specialists save you time and make you money, so why wait?

We Deal With All General Surgery Medical Billing and Coding Issues

Medical billing and coding are very detailed tasks, known to be major headaches for many medical offices. Billing for general surgery is complicated for several reasons.

Confusion Over E/M Coding

Sometimes visiting a physician and getting a diagnosis is billed separately from the resulting surgery, but other times it is considered a single encounter… Unless medical billers are experienced, they are unlikely to recognize which way to code for each situation.

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Global Surgery Packages

In general, global surgery packages simplify medical billing by eliminating the requirement for separate codes for each aspect of the surgery and its related care. However, keeping track of the various packages and their associated codes can be difficult for inexperienced billers. Because each global surgery package represents a large sum, it is especially important that reimbursement is not delayed by a denial that results from an error on the claim.


Because surgical procedures have so many components and involve multiple practitioners, it is common for something to be left out of the bill. The resulting losses of revenue can add up to a very large amount over the course of a year. When a practitioner fails to bill for all services delivered, it is called under-billing, and is a violation of the law, in addition to causing a loss of revenue.

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Medcare MSO’s Expert Revenue Cycle Management Reduces Stress and Increases Income

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We Stay Up to Date With General Surgery Coding and Regulations

Unlike the staff in a busy medical practice, Medcare MSO’s staff only deal with revenue cycle management (RCM), not treating patients. This means that we are able to stay on top of the latest coding changes and payers’ billing requirements. Our billers and coders are certified and experienced in general surgery billing and coding as well as many other specializations.

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We Are Here to Support Your Financial Success

Swiftly filing claims and handling rejections and denials right away is vital to optimizing your income, and Medcare MSO’s services extend well beyond that. We manage your complete RCM and stay with you from beginning till the end. From payer credentialing to bill collection you have us at your back. We also take care of annual pay back and compliance reviews. Our innovative approach to medical billing and coding includes our own proprietary software that helps make the process smooth for your staff, as well as keeping all the coding information in the system up to date.

Contact us today to get a free demo. We’d love to show you how we can relieve the administrative burden of general surgery billing and let you get back to focusing on your patients.