Medcare MSO is focused on delivering excellent and reliable billing services, it is our ultimate responsibility to ensure consumers and businesses a secure, fast and economical way to make maximum reimbursements.

Medcare MSO’s General Surgery Billing and Coding Services

Surgeons work long and hard to master their specialization, and not one made that effort so they could spend hours every day sorting out general surgery billing issues. Doctors spend up to 25 percent of their time on paperwork, and unfortunately, that is an increasing trend. Outsourcing medical billing and coding has proven to be a huge relief for many surgical practices.

Outsource Your General Surgery Billing to Professional Coders and Billers

On top of relieving the headache of dealing with general surgery medical billing issues on a daily basis, outsourcing to professional coders and billers increases revenue. Rejected and denied claims take hours to rectify when the medical staff trying to sort them out are not experienced medical billers. On top of the cost of the time spent, the claims may not be resolved, resulting in more lost revenue.

General Surgery Medical Billing and Coding Issues

Medical billing and coding are very detailed tasks, known to be major headaches for many medical offices. These are just a few aspects that make general surgery billing complicated.

Confusion Over E/M Coding

Sometimes visiting a physician and getting a diagnosis is separate from the surgery, but other times it is considered part of it for billing purposes. It takes training and experience for medical billers to become proficient at correctly denoting which applies in any given instance.

Global Surgery Packages

In general, global surgery packages simplify medical billing because they eliminate the need to include a detailed code for each part of a surgery and its related care; however, understanding the various packages and their associated coding can be a challenge in itself; and since the package covers everything involved in a surgery, denied claims represent huge amounts of money that will not be paid to the provider unless the denial is successfully appealed.

Under billing

Because a surgery has so many parts and involves so many participants, it is common for something to be left out of the bill, resulting in cumulative losses of revenue that add up to a very large amount over the course of a year. When a practitioner fails to bill for all services delivered, it is called under billing, and is a violation of the law, in addition to causing a loss of revenue.

Medcare MSO’s Expert Revenue Cycle Management Reduces Stress and Increases Income

We Stay on Top of the Latest Coding Changes

Unlike the staff in a busy medical practice, Medcare MSO’s staff only deal with revenue cycle management (RCM), not treating patients. This means that we are able to stay on top of the latest coding changes and payers billing requirements. Our billers and coders are certified and experienced in general surgery billing and coding as well as many other specializations.

We Optimize Your Income

Swiftly filing claims and handling rejections and denials right away is vital to optimizing your income, and Medcare MSO’s services extend well beyond that, to include the full range of RCM, from payer credentialing through the entire patient cycle right up to bill collection at the end. We also take care of annual pay back and compliance reviews. Our innovative approach to general surgery medical billing and coding includes our own proprietary software that helps make the process smooth for your staff, as well as keeping all the coding information in the system up to date.

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