Imaging Center Billing Services

Medcare MSO provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of your imaging center. Now you can count on one radiology medical billing company for revenue cycle management services (RCM), accounts receivable recovery, electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) technologies, medical practice billing service and management, and patient engagement services.

Accurate imaging billing & coding, daily claims processing, and persistent follow-up on all denials are critical. Medcare’s certified radiology billing experts also have experience with the unique requirements of coding and billing for mobile imaging, radiology, and free-standing imaging.
Imaging Center Billing

Started On May 3rd 2019
Started On

May 3rd 2019

Review Period 7 Months
Review Period

7 Months

Collection Increased
Collection Increased

$1.9 million to $2.22 million

Revenue Increased by 24%
Revenue Increased by


Expert Billing for Modern Radiology Services

Radiology is a fast-developing specialty and Medcare MSO’s certified coders provide the skills required to correctly code and submit claims to get maximum reimbursements. Our radiology medical billing company helps labs to improve your cash flow and claim submission process, and increase profitability.

Increasing Reimbursement

New Technologies Mean Complicated Coding

Coding for radiology practices and diagnostic imaging centers is complicated because so many newer technologies and treatments are involved. Many see denied claims due to inaccurate modifiers used with CPT codes, but with Medcare’s radiology billing services, you can be confident that you’ll receive compensation for the time and care you’ve provided to patients for both technical and professional components. Free-standing imaging centers, mobile imaging (such as x-ray and ultrasound), and free-standing radiology equipment create additional challenges in coding. These are the kind of details the top billing companies routinely manage to simplify your RCM process.

Our Focus Is Revenue So Yours Can Be Patient Care

We understand that your focus isn’t on understanding complex regulations and coding requirements for billing. Your attention is on providing the best possible care for patients. And it should be. Our radiology medical billing professionals are detail-oriented and have specialized experience in proving medical necessity. We review patient records and assign the appropriate diagnosis codes, including claims that contain only a rule-out diagnosis. That means quick, timely reimbursement for you.

That’s What We Offer

Comprehensive Radiology Billing Services

Medcare MSO offers comprehensive radiology medical billing services and best-practice process management to shorten your reimbursement cycle, increase revenue streams, and maximize profitability. Medcare MSO stands out among radiology billing companies because our billers and coders are committed to getting you paid for all your hard work.

Stay Focused

Free Your Attention

It’s difficult to remain entirely focused on patient care when you’re worried about your bottom line. If you’re spending valuable resources trying to diagnose finances rather than patients, then perhaps it’s time to schedule a check-up for your current radiology billing methods.

Increase your Practice Revenue by up to 30% With Medcare MSO