Streamlined Solutions for Smooth Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Medcare MSO’s team of experienced billers provides cardiology medical billing services that streamline the claims process and increase your revenue. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) team takes on all aspects of that process from insurance verification to payment collection.

Providing Cardiology Medical Billing Services That Get Results

Advances in cardiology in recent years have increased the success of treatment but have also resulted in new and more complex medical billing requirements. Outsourcing to an experienced cardiology billing service has proven to increase revenue and reduce stress.

High-Value Claims Require Expert Billers

Because cardiology is a relatively high-cost medical field, practices stand to lose large amounts of revenue if there is any inaccuracy in coding. The codes are not only complex, but they change regularly, and different payers have different rules about what they will cover. That makes it important to work with cardiology billing companies that are experienced with the codes and familiar with the various payer requirements.

Should claims be rejected or denied, a good medical billing company can efficiently handle appeals, unlike less experienced office staff, who are likely to end up spending several hours sorting out each claim and may not figure out the more complicated coding issues in the required timeframe. The result is unpaid claims and significant revenue losses.

Medcare MSO utilizes a claims management system that we have developed through a decade of working in the industry. Before claims are submitted, they are “scrubbed” for errors by a senior biller, which greatly reduces unpaid claims. Each account has an assigned manager who tracks every claim until it is paid. Should a claim be rejected or denied, we determine the cause, rectify it, and resubmit the claim–at no additional cost to you, regardless of the amount of the claim or how much effort we put into it.

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Cardiology Medical Billing Has Several Challenging Aspects

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Potential Errors Start with Scheduling

The medical billing process starts in the scheduling phase when insurance coverage has to be confirmed. Even little details such as whether the appointment happens in an in-patient, out-patient, or emergency room/urgent care setting must be correctly coded or the claim will be denied. Medcare MSO’s coders and billers pay attention to those details.

Complicated Procedures Lead to Complex Coding

Modifiers are an important part of cardiology billing and coding. These additional subcategories of numeric codes are required to give the necessary details to be reimbursed for all services delivered.

While inexperienced billers and coders can look up the general code for a procedure, they often do not know how many levels of modifiers they need to include or all the numerically coded information that needs to be added.

Payers are trending towards more bundled codes, which can simplify billing—but coders must recognize any variance from the standard bundled items and know how to itemize them to avoid over- and under-coding. Medcare MSO’s billing and coding team is trained to recognize these special cases and know how to handle them. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we can simplify your medical billing!

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High-Dollar Claim Rejections Mean Huge Revenue Losses

A family medicine practice may see hundreds of patients daily, resulting in a huge number of low-dollar claims being filed. But in cardiology, examinations and treatments are more in-depth and time-consuming, so far fewer patients are seen each day. If a cardiologist sees 10 or 15 people on a normal day, the loss of revenue for a single unpaid claim can result in the loss of up to 10% of the day’s income. Our cardiology billing services reduce denials and increase payments. We also track each claim, so none ever get lost or abandoned, which often happens with less experienced billers or in the absence of a proven system for claims management.

Outsourcing Cardiology Billing to Medcare MSO Increases Revenue

With cardiology billing getting more complicated all the time and payers forever looking to cut reimbursements, an effective billing and RCM system is becoming increasingly more necessary. Outsourcing to Medcare MSO allows medical professionals to focus on patients because experienced, certified specialists are handling their RCM from start to finish.

Medcare MSO’s Cardiology Billing Services begin with scheduling and cover all aspects of billing, up through debt collection when necessary. Our certified coders are experienced in over 40 specialties, including cardiology.

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Our Innovative Software Makes Coding and Billing Efficient

Over a decade of real-world billing experience has gone into the development of Medcare MSO’s proprietary software. It has been designed to integrate with your existing software (or replace it) with very little downtime, making for a smooth transition and eliminating the concern of lost claims in the meantime. We are extremely successful at increasing our clients’ income and reducing time wasted due to billing errors. Give us a call or request a free demo today to see how we can free up your staff while increasing your bottom line.

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Medical Billing and RCM Is Our Whole Business

Because we focus only on medical billing and RCM, we are able to stay up to date on codes and regulations. We can also monitor government offers and the latest billing guidelines, which can maximize revenue from government incentives. Our cardiology medical billing services include daily billing, responding to denials and rejections swiftly, and even managing charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and payback, as needed.