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Maximizing Claims, Minimizing Risks: Your Billing Journey Begins Here

Experience the power of fast, transparent, and personalized medical billing services in California with Medcare MSO. We bring you an all-in-one billing solution that gets claims processed quickly with greatly increased rates of payment on the first submission. Our medical billing and coding specialists are proficient at minimizing denials and accelerating reimbursements, ensuring you receive the payments you deserve in record time. So what are you waiting for? Act now and witness the difference firsthand.

Our Key Performance Indicators

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Days Turnaround Time

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Reduction in A/R

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Revenue Increase

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Collection Ratios

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First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Helping You Put Your Patients First

We understand that running a healthcare practice is challenging, and medical billing can often become a time-consuming and complex process. Our expert medical billers and coders can help by taking over your administrative tasks, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on your patients.

Proven Results for Claims, Revenue and Profits

Are you experiencing growth in expenses but shrinkage in cash flow? That does not need to be the case! We care about your bottom line and guarantee to increase your collections rate by up to 30% with our highly effective claims management strategies. Our medical billing services deliver results that speak volumes.

Our medical billing company offers assistance with:

Insurance Eligibility Verification
Medical Coding & Compliance
A/R Management & Follow-ups
Payment Posting and more.
30%-70% increase in revenue
66% reduction in AR
70% cost reduction
80% profits on average

Our Specialties

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Wound Care

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Benefits of Working with Us

HIPAA compliant


Medcare MSO is a HIPAA compliant revenue cycle management company in california. We are vigilant about ensuring that we have implemented the necessary measures to protect the privacy and security of patient health information .

Increased Revenue:

Faster Reimbursement

Our expert medical billers and coders have expertise in handling and filing claims efficiently. By submitting accurate claims with proper documentation, we minimize the chances of delays or denials. Our team is continually updated on the changing requirements of insurance companies.

Increased Revenue:

No Startup Fee & No Hidden Charges

MedcareMSO does not charge any startup fees. You can switch to our medical billing services without worrying about any upfront costs or hidden charges. We hate hidden fees as much as you do, so it is our policy to be transparent with our clients in all our services.

Increased Revenue:

Advanced Analytics & Reports

We provide our clients with detailed, real-time reports and analytics, giving them visibility into the reimbursement process. Our analytical approach allows providers to monitor the status of their claims, identify trends, and make informed decisions in a timely manner.

EHR Flexible Medical Billing Solutions in CA

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for medical billing company in CA to streamline your revenue cycle? Look no further! Our medical billing and coding services are customized to meet the unique needs of each medical speciality. Our custom-tailored solutions align our services with your specific requirements, so you achieve maximum revenue-generating results.

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What Do Customers Love About Us?

I am very thankful to Medcare because they rectified all the mistakes which were done by my previous billing partner. They are so fast and efficient.


Chief Executive Officer, Care Now Clinic

Our revenue has gone up by 30%, first-through pass rates are great, and we have complete visibility through the entire process.



Medcare MSO takes the pressure off of you so that you can focus on providing quality healthcare services to your patients.


Director of Operations, HEALTHCARE IMAGING INC.

We Are Aligned with Your Medical Practice

With Medcare MSO, you get the perfect medical billing services for your practice. We seamlessly integrate with your preferred software. Choose us and experience efficiency like never before.