We provide a full range of nephrology billing services to ensure a smooth and efficient financial journey for your practice.

Our nephrology medical billing company has the experts needed to provide the coding and auditing services required to keep you in compliance with government regulations.. We strive to maximize your revenue by applying our proven system to generate accurate and fast,claim reimbursement.

Simplify Nephrology Medical Billing And Amplify Your Revenue

Paperwork and medical billing tasks are taking up so much of physicians’ time that they have become primary causes of job dissatisfaction. In addition to not being what a doctor went to med school to do, these administrative tasks take away from time that could be better spent caring for patients. On the other hand, medical coding and billing are how the practice gets paid for services delivered, so they must be done as accurately as possible.

Providing Premium Billing Services So You Can Focus on Patient Care

Medcare MSO provides medical billing services and nephrology practice management to streamline daily operations. We allow doctors and their medical staff to focus on their patients while we take care of claims and reimbursements. Our services cover full revenue cycle management (RCM) from getting payer authorization upon first contact with the patient to collecting balances due from patients. We have a staff of certified billers and coders who are experienced in nephrology billing and coding, so they are able to recognize the less common situations and get the coding right. Whether you use an EHR system or nephrology EMR software , we can integrate our system with yours quickly so there is no lag in your revenue.

Why You Need an Integrated Nephrology Practice Management System

There are a lot of dialysis billing companies around, but finding one that stays updated with compliance changes and payer requirements can be a challenge. At Medcare MSO, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch nephrology medical billing services. Our team receives ongoing training so they are up to date on the ever-changing medical billing codes and requirements. These are just a few of the reasons you need an experienced team of specialists working for you:

Bundled Codes

For surgery and other complex treatments, payers have “bundled” multiple items into one billing code. In theory, this simplifies billing, but there are often exceptions to the standard inclusions. Not only must these be coded separately, they must also be coded in a way that makes the necessity of each one clear, otherwise it will be denied as a duplicate bill.

Higher Level Diagnoses And Treatments

By the time a patient is seen by a nephrologist, they are likely to have seen a general practitioner and other specialists, and may have a history of previous kidney disease. Specialist’s examinations and treatments tend to be higher level, more involved processes, which require more detailed coding. This makes it important to have billers and coders who are experienced in the specialization to assure there is no lost revenue due to overlooked details. Look for medical billing services that are reliable and transparent. Contact us today!

Multiple Doctors Involved in Treatment

Surgery and other complex treatments involve more than one physician and an assortment of medical support staff, who may each be part of a different medical organization. In these cases, the coding must clearly describe what kind of facility was used and the specific role of each physician, or not all of them will be compensated.

Outsource Your Nephrology Medical Billing to Us and Increase Your Revenue

Medcare MSO handles all phases of RCM, but our clients have the option to choose which aspects they wish to outsource. Our nephrology revenue cycle management services are fully customizable to fit your needs, but we highly recommend outsourcing coding and billing at a minimum.

Innovative Approach to Medical Billing

We have an innovative approach to nephrology medical billing and our nephrology EMR software makes coding simple and keeps the system up to date with all the latest code changes and payer requirements. Unresolved claim issues are a huge source of lost revenue for many medical organizations and having our experienced medical billers manage your claims and collections guarantees cash flow improvement.

Say Goodbye to Administrative Burdens

Our nephrology billing is far more extensive than just medical billing and coding. We invite you to browse our website to find out more about the ways we can support and protect your revenue. Give us a call today to see how our medical billing company can take on the administrative burden, so you can get back to focusing on patient care.