Medcare MSO provides the best medical billing services to collaborate with you in the shared goal of configuring your psychiatry practice, optimizing your cash flow and making sure that you are getting paid for all of your sessions.
Medcare MSO has been providing psych medical billing and coding services to mental health providers for over a decade. Our ambition is to maximize insurance and patient collections so that our clients can solely focus on patient care and grow their practices.

Psychiatry Billing Services Covering RCM, Credentialing To Daily Claims

Our innovative approach to revenue cycle management covers everything from credentialing to daily claims management to annual reviews; protecting your income while you focus on patient care.

We’re Dedicated and Attentive to Detail

Because it is a very specialized medical care field; psychiatric billing services must be highly attentive to detail. Medcare MSO offers full revenue cycle management (RCM), including processing claims and handling rejections and denials, which greatly reduces administrative responsibilities and allows psychiatrists and medical staff to focus on patient care without distractions.

Outsource To Us And Gain Compliance Reviews And Payer Credentialing

Outsourcing mental health billing services and other related administrative tasks. While you can enjoy, payer credentialing and compliance reviews, which have proven to be a winning solution for practitioners and medical institutions across the USA. So, avail our behavioral billing services for a streamlined revenue cycle.

Avail Medcare MSO’s Psychiatry Medical Billing and Coding Services to avoid Setbacks!

Medical billing and coding are complicated to start with, and codes change every year. Also, payers keep changing policies and psychiatric billing, mental health billing and behavioral medical billing guidelines too. It seems simple but it’s not easy to deliver excellent services to your patients with a busy practice.
As psychiatry billing is unique, there are some aspects of psychiatry billing and coding that could be challenging for your healthcare business.

Get rid of Complex Coding That Imparts Stress & Delay In Payments

Within the psychiatric billing CPT codes, there are many different codes for similar services. . For example, you are required to enter different psychiatric billing codes to indicate whether a medical or non-medical provider did an evaluation.
This makes it difficult for inexperienced coders to correctly fill out claim forms.

Add-on Codes’ Predicament

Add-on codes are also common, and are required, but can only be used with a primary code. Billers must know what these codes are, so they can be sure that both are present or otherwise the claim will be denied.

Be Well-Known To Seek More Referrals

Patients will usually have to see a general practitioner to get a referral for seeing a psychiatrist, so it is important to make sure the referral has been filed with the payer prior to seeing the patient.
Doctors’ offices often try to keep things simple for patients by referring to specialists in the same insurer’s network so treatment will be covered, which means that psychiatrists need to be credentialed with as many insurers as possible in addition to the government payers. We also ensure end to end services for behavioral health and psychological health.

Join hands to Overcome Networking Challenges

If you aren’t known in the local medical community, you will not get referrals because medical offices usually try to refer to a psychologist that they know and feel confident recommending. We deal with the Registered Practitioners to ensure the process stays legitimate.

Affordable Care Act & Complicated Rules

All plans offered in the Health Insurance Marketplace are required to include mental health and substance use disorder services by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but it does not detail what must be covered, so coverages vary greatly between plans and the same carrier may have different policies from state to state.

Segregated Mental health Coverage by Medicare

Medicare covers mental health care under separate parts: Part A for hospital insurance, Part B for Medical insurance and Part D for prescription drug coverage. Since patients may be enrolled in different options for each—and have supplemental insurance—billing is very complicated and requires specialized training and experience.

Medcare MSO Managing Your Revenue, Prioritizing Patients And Your Payments

Psychiatry, Mental Health and Behavioral Health practices serve a high-need population and can be taxing for medical staff, as well as doctors. Administrative stress on top of that just doesn’t make sense when it can be avoided, and outsourcing revenue cycle management to Medcare MSO provides that relief.

Our Coders and Billers are Certified

Our coders and billers are certified and have experience in providing behavioral medical billing and coding services, so they know what to look for and how to handle claim issues promptly. The money we save you by eliminating staff, saving time that’s being spent on appealing claims, and successfully obtaining payments on denied and rejected claims is far more than the little chunk we charge as our service fee.

Carry On With Your Practice Without Billing And Coding Stress

Mental Health patients need special attention and care. So, the Psychiatrist needs to focus on them solely. Distractions like billing and coding can divide that and that’s where we come forward as your savior

Your Trustworthy & Efficient RCM Partner

You can outsource all or some parts of your RCM to Medcare MSO—one of the most trusted mental health billing companies.

Customized and Updated Coding to Optimize Your RCM

Our psychiatry billing and coding services are customized to meet your needs. We are dedicated to our services so are able to keep up with the latest changes and incorporate new coding into our proprietary software to keep your billing up to date and free up your time so you can focus on taking care of patients.
Get a free demo today and see how our psychiatric billing specialists can optimize your revenue management.