Billing Services for Medical Clinics

Medcare MSO Provides Complete Revenue Cycle Management For Medical Clinics, Ensuring Minimal Errors And Maximum Cash Flow.

Wound Care is Complex For Several Reasons

A busy medical clinic is likely to serve many different types of patients ranging from infants to the elderly, being seen for anything from preventive care to acute illness. Medical billers must be experienced in all aspects of medical clinics billing and coding including special modifiers for infants, children and other special populations. Even the slightest mis- match in the chart or error in coding will get a claim denied or rejected.

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Rising Cost And Budget Cuts

Outsourcing medical clinics billing services has proven to be the perfect solution for medical clinics where effective medical clinics’ revenue cycle management (RCM) is critical to maintaining a sustainable income. Medcare MSO provides certified and experienced billers and coders who are familiar with the practices of medical clinics.

Why Outsourcing Medical Billing Is Best for Medical Clinics

Medical clinics are often the first contact a patient makes when they join a new insurance plan or start to seek care for a serious condition. Dissatisfied patients at this level will quickly change providers, so it is important that they have a good experience with your office. Professional billers are able to focus completely on handling your claims, allowing physicians practices and medical staff to give their attention to patients. There are some aspects of billing that affect medical clinics and make it especially beneficial for them to outsource. These include:

Small In-House Billing Staff

When medical billing is done in-house, there is often a small team working on it, which means that the entire revenue stream is affected if one person goes on vacation or gets sick.

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Denied And Rejected Claims

The more patients a practice sees each day, the more likely it is that some of the payment claims will be rejected or denied. Medical clinics often deal with a multitude of different payers and insurers, making the chances of encountering claim problems even greater. Outsource medical clinics billing to professionals who are fully focused on the revenue cycle rather than patient care greatly and reduces the number of errors, so far less revenue is lost to claims not being paid.

Variety Of Patients And Payers

Medical clinics see a large number of patients, each of whom has a different issue that day. Each patient coming through the doors may also have a different insurance company or government payer, so the insurance set-up and processing has to be done for each one. Chances are, patients have minimal understanding about their coverage and expect the medical staff to understand it and deal with the insurer for them.

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Medcare MSO Specializes in RCM

At Medcare MSO, billing and coding is all we do, so unlike the staff in a busy medical office, we can devote all our energy to staying on top of the changes to codes and requirements of payers, and getting claims filed and paid.

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Our Software Brings Innovative Approach

Our proprietary software brings our innovative approach to medical clinic billing services right to your front office. When a patient schedules an appointment, the RCM process begins. We keep track of everything and get claims filed and resolved swiftly.

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HIPAA Security And Privacy Requirements

We are also well versed in HIPAA security and privacy requirements and all our billing staff receive training and are certified to assure that our clients never have to worry about HIPAA violations. Our medical clinics billing solutions encompass the extent of RCM, including payer credentialing, bill collection, compliance reviews, annual payback, etc.—but all are customizable to provide exactly what you need, so you can continue to do whichever aspects you want to do yourself.

To find out how our top medical clinics’ billing company can help get your practice revenue thriving, get a free demo today. We look forward to showing you our system and answering any questions you may have.