End-To-End Outsourced Medical Billing Services 

Medcare MSO provides innovative medical billing solutions for medical practices and facilities of all sizes. We consistently increase revenue for our clients by at least 10% while making the medical billing process efficient, compliant, and stress-free. Our tested and proven system keeps coding up to date and ensures maximum reimbursements.

We take care of every in’s and out’s from your accounts. So we don’t give up on your revenue even in the case of claim denials. Our medical billing experts have a fully optimized denial management system that helps us to deliver well-managed services. Hence, we quickly appeal all your denied claims so we can recover every single dollar that has remained uncollected.

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Our innovative medical billing and experienced healthcare solutions team increase revenue and get payments faster.

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Medcare Healthcare’s Innovative Billing Solutions Provide Unique Benefits

Revenue Increase

Minimum 10% increase and up to 30%

High Volume

Innovative system facilitates processing hundreds of claims daily


Data transmission and encryption designed by top-level security specialists


Choose only the services that benefit your business

Personalized Support

Manager assigned to each client plus live phone support

Risk-Free Pricing

No hidden charges, pay only for successful collections

Increase Revenue With a Shorter Reimbursement Cycle

Medcare MSO offers the most reliable medical billing services that can help you get stress-free from the revenue cycle management and drive profitable growth of your practice.  It is our responsibility to understand your requirements and meet your demands to earn your satisfaction. So when you outsource medical billing services to us_ you can get a chance to drive an increased revenue stream while we can get an opportunity to help our client with satisfactory medical billing services.

We do not compromise over the quality of our services whether you own a large-sized or small-sized medical practice. Our clients are as valuable as they are significant to our community. We understand how hard it is to deliver quality healthcare services, therefore, we help you get rewarded for your hard-earned services in less time. We listen to your requirements, evaluate your existing system and implement a customized solution to bring in more revenue faster and more easily.

Increase Revenue

Outsource Medical Billing Services for Greater Revenue and Peace of Mind

Take care of your patients

Take care of your patients

Medicine is complex and so is healthcare revenue management. We understand that your top-most priority is your patients. That’s why it is our responsibility to make sure that we help you get paid every time you deliver healthcare services to your patients. Healthcare practitioners collaborate with us so our certified staff handles their account receivables and keep your credit clean of hassle.

Your Trusted Partner

Your Trusted Partner

Create better opportunities for your business by relying on a well-established medical billing company. When you find it hard to follow up on the individual insurance companies to collect reimbursements for your services. Here, Medcare MSO offers you to get control over the well-experienced medical billing task force. That makes sure to leave no error in your billable medical claims. So you can get paid right on time without any hurdles in the billing process.

How Medcare Increases Client Revenue

1. Fast Filing

2. Clean Claims

3. Tracking System

4. Rigorous Follow-up

5. A/R Management

Fast Filing

When a service is delivered, it is important to get the claim submitted as soon as possible. It is extremely challenging for in-house staff to handle large fluctuations in claim volumes and get everything submitted in a timely manner. The team of skilled professionals at Medcare healthcare solutions gets claims filed in under 48 hours in almost all cases. We use the latest & best medical billing technology to collect accurate information and speed up the claim process by submitting everything electronically.

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clean claims

Clean Claims

Medcare MSO assigns an experienced biller who is familiar with the intricacies of medical billing for your specialty to scrub each claim for errors before it is submitted. We initiate claims using verified patient demographics and superbills to keep claim submissions accurate and efficient. We take great pride in offering professional and cost-effective services to support your back office.

Tracking System

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to unpaid claims being dropped. We ensure that you receive the highest level of reimbursement possible by tracking each claim until it is paid, regardless of the amount.

Tracking System
Rigorous AR Follow-up

Rigorous Follow-up

Rejections and denials are the reason that most unpaid claims get dropped. We follow up on unpaid claims aggressively, as early as 15 days from the time they are submitted. Appeals of insurance denials are filed in accordance with the most current billing guidelines of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Medcare MSO is one of the most reliable medical billing companies in the USA because our organization is 100% HIPAA compliant. That’s why we are known as the most-trusted medical billing across our portfolio. So when you share your patients’ confidential information with us then it is our primary responsibility to safeguard your information from breaches and unauthorized access.

AR Management

When it comes to a revenue collection management system. All you need is a highly efficient medical billing solution that can help you increase financial conversions. Being a medical practitioner every minute is valuable. Therefore, you must have reliable medical billing solutions that can help you track down every medical billing claim and make sure to get it paid. If you don’t have sufficient staffing flexibility then no worries! Medcare MSO is here to help you with professional medical billing and coding services

Accounts Receivable Management
Customer Service

Customer Service Is Our Focus

One last thing that sets Medcare MSO apart is our attitude. We see ourselves as a customer service business, not an accounting department. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients, so we strive to make communication easy, reports clear, and processes as effective as possible.

Get highly efficient medical billing services for your practice. Contact us to connect with our medical billing experts so they can start working on the financial improvement of your accounts immediately. We are always happy to address client concerns, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call any time at 800-640-6409 or Request a Demo