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Physicians spend years developing the skills required to build a thriving practice. But even with that expertise, it is extremely challenging to keep abreast of the ever-advancing field of revenue cycle management. Medcare MSO handles all aspects of physician billing services, including aging accounts receivable recovery. We also provide a full suite of revenue cycle management services that are custom-tailored to fit your requirements.

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Medcare MSO takes on revenue cycle management (RCM) from start to finish, so doctors can dedicate their attention to patient care, with only minimal distraction from admin responsibilities.

Our medical billers are highly trained to ensure that we submit accurate claim forms with correct CPT codes. Our proven system includes following up on all unpaid claims and appealing them as needed to ensure consistent cash flow and long-term success.

Benefits of

Outsourcing Physicians’ Medical Billing to Medcare MSO

Increased Revenue:

Increased Revenue:

As a primary care physician billing company, we have the necessary skills and experience to consistently boost revenue for our clients. Our proven system provides a smooth transition to our services, fast claim submission and payment management.

Sense of Financial Security:

Sense of Financial Security:

Medcare MSO provides secure and transparent physician billing services, giving our clients real-time access to financial details and the status of each aspect of the claim submission process.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction:

Providing excellent customer service is one of our primary goals. We offer medical billing solutions to help resolve issues with claims and other aspects of revenue management to let doctors focus on quality patient care.

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We Provide The Necessary Services to Optimize Claims, Prevent Rejections and Maximize Revenue

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Full Suite of RCM Services:

With our innovative physician’s revenue cycle management system, Medcare MSO strengthens all aspects of RCM, including patient scheduling, payer credentialing, insurance verification, charting and coding review, claims management and much more.

We strive to nurture the financial health of your organization and relieve the administrative burden of dealing with insurance carriers. We provide medical billing services for all specialties in an all-in-one solution to streamline your billing process and obtain maximum revenue for your practice.

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Denial and Rejection Management:

Doctors lose a significant percentage of revenue due to medical billing mistakes that result in claims being rejected or denied by payers. Our top-notch physician medical billing services track all claims so that none of your well-earned income is left on the table because of claims being neglected. The analytical reports we routinely produce provide the information needed to identify and eliminate common bottlenecks in the process for resolving claims and pre-authorization issues.

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Old A/R Collections:

We often find that new clients have significant amounts of revenue being lost in aging AR accounts. Our claim management system includes a process for organizing old A/R and getting maximum recovery from those accounts. In many cases, it is as simple as clarifying what the amount is for and informing the right party, in the appropriate manner, whether it is a payer or the patient themselves. As a physician billing company, we streamline the medical billing process which results in reduced expenses and maximum revenue collection.

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HIPAA Compliant and Secure Data Management:

In order to keep patient information secure, we use the same level of digital security services that banks use. HIPAA compliance is not something you need to worry about when we take on your billing. Our physician billing management system is specifically designed to meet the confidentiality and security needs of the medical industry. Medcare MSO is a leading HIPAA-compliant physician medical billing company and has been serving the industry with a wide range of medical practice revenue cycle management services since 2012.

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Missed Encounter Management and Tracking:

A great deal of time and revenue is lost when patients just don’t show up for their appointments. Our system tracks where the problems occur and helps to find a solution. Medcare MSO’s innovative physician billing and management solutions let you easily engage your patients and quickly track the flow of encounters through the whole process. Our transparent system helps set up fee schedules, monitor claims, track encounters, patient engagement, revenue cycle optimization, appointment reminders and manage copays and identify any visits with missing charges.

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Charting & Coding Review:

Conducting reviews is important for any practice to ensure that your internal policies are being followed and the work is staying up to your standards as well as to document that everything is being done in accordance with the rules set out by regulatory agencies and government payers. Our team of physician billing management experts is highly trained in finding any bugs in the system and ensuring that your practice is being run the way you want it to be.

Additional Services Include

Physicians Revenue Cycle Management
EMR/Technology Integration
Physicians Practice Management Consulting
Medical Practice Management Services
Financial Analysis & Reporting
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Consultation
Medical Transcription
Physicians Account Management
Why Choose Medcare MSO for Your Physician Billing Services?

Medcare MSO offers comprehensive EHR/EMR & primary care physician billing services and best-practice process management to shorten your reimbursement cycle, increase revenue streams, and maximize profitability.