Oncology Medical Billing Services

we will handle The complexity of the ever-changing codes

We provide specialized oncology  medical billing services with the assurance of the compliance of government policies and leverage return on revenue. We imply and configure the billing and coding procedures with scalability and efficiency, effectively respond to denials and rejections to execute the required annual payer adjustments and payback.


Did you know that Medicare pays for chemotherapy administration only if the oncologist gives the patient a cancer diagnosis?

Not only is oncology one of the most rapidly developing fields of medicine, it is also among the most far-reaching, with patients of all ages and types, and practitioners in many different settings. All of these combine to make oncology medical billing and coding among the most complex of all the different fields.

Oncology Billing Services

changes to billing codes

Keep up with all the changes to billing codes

It isn’t feasible for a doctor to run a practice or department in a medical institution and keep up with all the changes to billing codes in addition to all the various payer and insurer plans if they intend to have time and energy to focus on patient care. That’s why outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM), and especially coding and billing has become a normal practice in the field.

Why You Need to Outsource Oncology Medical Billing to Specialists

There are many reasons oncology billing and coding is so complicated, starting with the fact that the coding system in general is complex. But there are several factors that are especially challenging for oncology. Here are just a few of them.

Complex procedures

Oncology is a high-tech field and treatments often involve new equipment, extensive surgeries, radiation therapies, chemotherapy, etc. Each piece of the treatment must be coded and submitted in a claim, but some procedures, like surgeries, are billed with a “bundled” code, which includes all the expected charges in one code. This means coders and billers must know what is included in the bundle and be aware of any additional services given, which need to be billed separately. In order to get the full appropriate compensation, claims must be submitted by experienced billers in order to avoid omitted details that result in denials.

Complex procedures

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Treatment of cancer is rarely a simple tumor removal. More likely there will be a series of treatments, often involving specialists from other medical disciplines, from plastic surgeons to hepatologists. Because each person’s role must be accounted for in the coding, and they may represent different business entities as well as medical disciplines, coding must be detailed to present all the necessary information.

Oncology Billing High-level, high-cost services

In a medical field where a physician sees many patients daily for simple exams, one lost claim won’t result in a huge drain on the practice’s revenue, but oncology generally involves more detailed, higher cost services, so losing a single claim can be a large loss of revenue. It is imperative that oncology medical billers have the experience to recognize any potential problems and get them rectified swiftly.

High-level, high-cost services

Increase Your Revenue and Reduce Administrative Stress by Outsourcing Oncology Billing to Medcare MSO

Certified & Experienced Coding Staff

Certified & Experienced Coding Staff

Medcare MSO is dedicated only to RCM, with a large certified, experienced oncology medical billing staff. Our innovative approach and proprietary software have proven to increase revenue and leave our clients feeling much more enthused about practicing medicine because they can go back to focusing on patient care, knowing that their revenue management is in good hands.

Outsourcing Billing to Medcare MSO

We have the expertise to manage

Our services are customizable, so you don’t get anything you don’t want, but we have the expertise to manage payer credentialing, insurer approvals, billing and coding—including swift and expert management of denials and rejections—annual chart reviews and pay back, and much more.

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