Returns & Refunds

MedCare MSO recognizes the importance of resolving account issues relating to statement returns and payment refunds. We employ dedicated staff members who specialize in addressing and quickly responding to these issues. To avoid confusion or miscommunication, please be aware of our policies and procedures. Also, take note of the responsibilities of each party.

Patient Check Returns

  • If a patient’s check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, the patient is responsible for any and all returned check fees as well as any charges for postage or shipping.
  • In the event that a patient’s check is returned, Medcare MSO will contact the patient on behalf of the medical provider and attempt to acquire credit or debit card information for automatic payment processing.
  • Medcare MSO will send 3 statement notices to the patient on behalf of the medical provider. If the patient does not resolve the account issues after 3 attempts, we will hand over the account back to the client.

Return of Statements

  • Medcare MSO is responsible for mailing patient billing statements on behalf of the medical provider. However, if we receive 3 consecutive returned statements from the patient, they will be forwarded back to the client.
  • Medcare MSO is not responsible for postage and shipping charges for undeliverable statements. The client is obliged to pay all shipping and handling costs associated with returned billing statements.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds or overpayments to patients or insurance companies are not the responsibility of Medcare MSO. All refunds are to be paid by the medical provider.
  • Medcare MSO is responsible for processing patient payments; however, we are not responsible for returning payments.
    Clients or providers are responsible for any and all refunds as well as the associated postage costs.
  • Medcare MSO will update billing systems and financial accounts to reflect posted refunds and reversals, allowing commissions and charges to be adjusted accordingly.