Outsource Hospital Medical Billing Services

Medcare MSO offers a comprehensive range of hospital medical billing solutions to meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization.

We provide Hospital RCM (hospital revenue cycle management services), AR Services (Medical accounts receivables), HER/ EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record technologies) and several practice management and patient engagement solutions.

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April 1st, 2019

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3 Months

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$700,000 to $1 million

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Saving Resources and Reducing Billing Administration

Medcare MSO handles all aspects of hospital medical billing; increasing revenue effectively; eradicating the need to house, manage and pay a billing department.

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Recover Your Hard-Earned Lost Money

Inefficient hospital billing systems are the major reason for billions of lost dollars every year.
In fact, the overwhelming majority of claims also contain errors that require reprocessing. Medcare MSO stay up to date regarding the frequent changes in regulations and compliance requirements for efficient hospital billing and collection services.
Our hospital billing staff provide a full range of personalized, custom-tailored services to ensure error-free claims and generate maximized recovery.

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We Ensure Efficient Handling Of

Errors Trigger & Denials

As a leader and expert in hospital billing services, we understand that even the most minute errors can trigger claim rejections, and every claim that requires reprocessing can cost you valuable resources.
If you are managing the hospital billing department in-house, every repeated claim submission increase overhead expenses and results in losing your valuable profit.
Physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff members are often tasked to understand and fix costly hospital billing errors. The time they tend to spend on administrative tasks takes away from patient care and places an unnecessary burden on hospital personnel.

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Have The Brightest Minds To Deal With Your Problems

At Medcare MSO, we take a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the hospital billing solutions and collection process. Not only do we employ the best and brightest minds, but we also invest in the latest hospital billing software to provide unparalleled services that go above and beyond the standard. And our internal quality control measures ensure accurate claims and error-free billing, the first time.
and beyond the standard. And our internal quality control measures ensure accurate claims and error-free billing, the first time.

How Our Hospital Medical Billing Services Can Be a Game Changer For You?

  • Our top-notch hospital medical billing company offers end-to-end services from pre-admission procedures to hospital billing codes, AR management, collections, and follow-ups to efficient real-time reporting.
  • Outsource hospital billing services to us & see reduced operating costs, increased reimbursements, collection ratio, and recovery of AR accounts dating far back as a full year.
  • Ignored claims, denials, and underpayments can significantly affect your hospital’s revenue stream and bottom line, negatively impacting your primary focus—patient care.
  • With an increase in the number of insured Americans, accurate coding and processing are more critical to institutional billing than ever before.
  • Medcare MSO offers comprehensive hospital billing services and best-practices for process management to shorten your reimbursement cycle, increase profitability, and maximize revenue stream.
  • It’s difficult to remain entirely focused on patient care when you’re worried about medical billing.

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