Customized Hospital Billing Services for Your Unique Needs

At Medcare MSO, we understand that an optimized billing process is key to your hospital’s financial stability. We offer comprehensive hospital billing services to meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization. These services include hospital revenue cycle management, AR recovery & follow-up, credentialing, insurance verification, advanced EHR/EMR software, practice management, and patient engagement solutions.
Our expert billing and coding team will manage your entire revenue cycle. We process claims from beginning to end, so you no longer need to house, manage, and pay a billing department. When you partner with Medcare MSO, you can expect revenue growth of up to 30%.
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Our Comprehensive Hospital Billing Services 

At Medcare MSO, we take a comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to the hospital billing management and collection process. Not only do we continuously update our staff on changes in billing codes and payer procedures, but we also invest in the latest medical billing technology to provide the best possible service.
We understand that medical billing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your hospital billing system has its own set of needs. That’s why we offer customized billing solutions, including: 

Insurance Verification

Our expert team collects up-to-date patient information, including the insurance company’s name, insurance cards, policy details, and identity documents. We verify insurance up front to accurately estimate patients’ financial responsibilities, such as copayments and deductibles.

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medcare MSO stays up-to-date on HIPAA-compliant standards for efficient billing solutions and collection services. Our medical coding experts perform multiple quality checks before submitting a coded bill to the payer. It ensures error-free claims and maximizes revenue growth.

Payment Posting

Medcare MSO utilizes specialized EMR/EHR software to automate this process, ensuring faster and more accurate posting. We help identify areas for improvement, such as reducing denials or collecting outstanding patient balances.

AR Management and Follow-Up

We provide comprehensive AR management and follow-up services to help hospitals recover lost revenue. Our dedicated team prioritizes aged accounts and uses advanced analytics to identify every opportunity for collection. This is why we have a proven record of reducing AR by 30%.

Denial Management

We manage claim denials systematically with the IMMP process. IMMP stands for Identify, Manage, Monitor, and Prevent. First, we identify the reasons for claim denials. Then, we appeal it and have the insurer pay the claim. Lastly, we reduce future denials by revising processes and retraining staff.

Charge Entry

We stay up-to-date on complex billing regulations, ensuring your charges comply with all payer requirements. Our expert billing team carefully collects data, analyzes it, and prepares the claim with accurate information.


First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Up to 30%

Reduction in A/R


Collection Ratio

How We Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Complete Hospital Billing, Coding & Revenue Cycle Management

Ignored claims, denials, and underpayments can significantly affect your hospital’s revenue stream and bottom line, which can negatively impact your primary focus—patient care.

We streamline your revenue cycle by accelerating cash flow through faster collections and accurate billing. Our team takes the time to understand the eligibility criteria and coding requirements of your specific payer. This ensures that you capture all billable services and receive the maximum reimbursement for each claim.

Medcare MSO Helps You Get Paid Faster!

If your current hospital billing is done in-house, every repeated claim submission increases overhead expenses and results in revenue loss.
As a leading hospital billing company, we understand that even the most minute errors trigger claim rejections, and every claim that requires reprocessing is costing you valuable resources.
Our billers will review all of the claims and send them out within 48 hours. We excel at handling high-volume claims, currently processing over 50,000+ per day.
Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of reimbursement for all services rendered. 

Advanced Hospital Billing Software for Streamlined Workflow

At Medcare MSO, we understand the importance of automated processes. That’s why we utilize cutting-edge medical billing software – Maximus. This software will enable your hospital staff to organize, store, and access patient appointments, demographics, and billing more conveniently and securely. It is entirely up to you whether to use your current software or switch to ours.
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Hear from the People Who Loved Our Services

Here’s what clients say about Medcare MSO:

I am very thankful to Medcare because they rectified all the mistakes which were done by my previous billing partner. They are so fast and efficient.

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Shobha Solomon

Chief Executive Officer

Medcare MSO provides quality service. Customer support is very well trained and able to solve our problems.

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Ayaz ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you submit claims?

We submit all claims electronically. Our team thoroughly reviews denied or rejected claims for errors and promptly submits them. We monitor the status of your claims and, if necessary, initiate proactive follow-up with insurance companies.

How much do your billing services cost?

Medcare MSO adheres to a no-hidden fee policy. You only pay for the results we deliver. The cost of our billing services varies according to your specialty and organization size.

What procedure do you follow in the event of nonpayment?

Medcare MSO employs a highly skilled team that determines whether the claim denial is valid or not. If the denial is valid and occurred due to technical errors, we prefer transparent communication with the practitioner and reprocessing the claim.

Is your medical billing company HIPAA compliant, and how do you ensure the security of patients' protected health information (PHI)?

At Medcare MSO, patient privacy is our top priority. We are fully HIPAA compliant and maintain high-level security measures to safeguard your patient’s PHI. This includes: 

  • Secure electronic data storage with encryption.
  • Regular security audits and staff training on HIPAA regulations.
  • Patient data is subject to strict security controls, with access limited to authorized personnel.

We will provide a detailed outline of our HIPAA compliance policies upon request.

What is your support turnaround time?

We are always available to optimize your revenue cycle and deliver timely results. You can contact us any time of the day. Our hospital billing experts will answer any query you may have.

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