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Medcare MSO’s lab billing services cover all aspects of medical revenue cycle management (RCM), from payer credentialing to old AR collection. Laboratory medical billing services are available as a standalone offering or in a completely customizable package that may include insurance verification, patient billing and old AR collections, medical coding and billing software, and more.

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2019 Case Study Results

Started On April 1st
Started On

April 1st 2019

Billing Service Review Period 1 Year
Review Period

1 Year

collections increased
Collection Increased

$86,000 to $144,000

Revenue Increased by 66.6%
Revenue Increased by



Medcare MSO’s expert billing for medical laboratory services includes scrubbing and submitting claims within a few days, then tracking all claims until they are paid, resulting in greatly increased revenue.

Comprehensive Laboratory Billing Solutions

Unlike many medical billing companies that only service high-ticket providers, Medcare MSO’s innovative approach works perfectly for lab billing solutions where a high volume of low-dollar claims need to be processed. The efficiency of our system allows us to quickly scrub and file hundreds of claims, typically within 48 hours, and includes a manager assigned to each client who will track all claims, making sure each one gets reimbursed.

Full-Service Lab Billing Company & Solutions

Medcare MSO offers support for all aspects of lab revenue management. Clients often start with lab medical billing, but once they see how well our system handles their claims, they add collections and then other services, particularly those that involve dealing with payers, such as credentialing, which can take a lot of time. We will also handle old AR accounts, and are very successful at getting payment for bills up to a year old. Our staff will handle payer credentialing, verification of patient insurance coverage, compliance audits, and anything else you may need.

Claims Management & Assessment

The main point of a lab medical billing service is clearly to obtain reimbursement for services you provide to patients. Our experienced billers scrub claims to eliminate errors before submitting them, greatly reducing rejections and denials. When these issues arise, our system for identifying the issue and quickly correcting it is very successful. A tremendous amount of revenue can be lost due to claims being abandoned, so regardless of the value, our system includes tracking each claim to ensure it is paid.

Collections – Old AR and Current Charges

In addition to reimbursement received directly for claims, there are often balances due from patients, collaborating providers or additional payers. We will manage all of those. Clear communication and an efficient system combine to get much higher than usual receipts. Our handling of old AR accounts is highly successful even for balances due that are up to a year old.

EHR/EMR Integration

In order to avoid claim denials due to coding errors, software must be updated frequently—however, the cost of maintaining this kind of an information system can be prohibitive for labs. One of the greatest benefits of working with an independent laboratory billing services & solutions company is that you no longer have to worry about keeping up with coding changes and payer requirements.

Our software can be integrated with your existing practice management, EHR and EMR programs, or it can be used alone to encompass all aspects of patient data and revenue management.

EHR/EMR Integration
Always Stay Updated

Always Up to Date

The coding and billing teams at Medcare MSO are highly trained and experienced, but ongoing training is part of our business model, to keep everyone up to date on code changes and new payer requirements. A final step in our claims management process that helps us really stand out is tracking down the source of the error that caused the rejection or denial, and re-training the responsible party to make sure errors are not repeated..

The Lab Business Isn’t Getting Any Easier

Leverage Medcare MSO’s lab expertise to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Detailed and Transparent Reporting

Detailed and Transparent Reporting

With Medcare MSO providing your laboratory medical billing solutions, you are relieved of the time-consuming and often tedious work, but will still know exactly what’s going on with your revenue. Our reports are presented regularly, and are designed to keep you abreast of several key performance indicators (KPIs). You will see how long it is taking to get paid and how the accounts-receivable balance is doing relative to the value of services provided, for example. You will see that you are getting paid faster and the proportion of unpaid bills gets smaller after working with us.

Risk Free Partnership

Our innovative approach to laboratory medical billing is so successful that we offer a guarantee of at least a 10% revenue increase. And unlike some other laboratory billing companies, there are no hidden fees. No startup charges or setup fees will be added to your account balance.
When you outsource laboratory medical billing to Medcare MSO, you are working with a trusted partner whose focus is solely on ensuring your success.

laboratory medical billing is so successful

We offer complete and customized billing and AR management services to meet your needs.

Affordable Rate

We will provide you with physician practice management services and modern medical software at a very affordable rate.

Runs Smoothly

We assign a Medcare Regional Manager to your office to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

HR Services

The Medcare process can also work with payroll, coordinate benefits and provide your office with human resource services.

Accounting Services

We will process and collect your accounts receivable, and offer full accounting services.

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