Order and Demographic Management

Accurate order and demographic entry get the lab process off to a great start

The success of your lab depends on providing high quality patient care, which requires lab orders being efficiently managed and correctly processed. Getting paid for your work is another critical aspect of business success—and that’s why we’re here.
In addition to our team of professional billers, our staff includes a team that focuses on the “front-office” aspects of lab orders. They ensure that you won’t be denied payment due to missing information and that the order is entered correctly so the right work is done.

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Efficient Order Management

Quality patient care not only requires that lab orders be entered correctly, but they also have to be put in the system quickly. In-house staff may have multiple responsibilities, resulting in overwork or distraction—which can cause delays in order entry or data errors. Attention to detail is especially important because even tiny errors that have no bearing on the quality of lab results, such as a mismatched date or misspelled name will result in claim rejection, so you won’t get paid for the work.
Whether your order format is manual, email or EMR (or more likely a combination), Medcare’s team will get them entered into the LIS quickly and correctly.

What Makes Medcare’s Services Stand Out?

As soon as an order is received, our process for eligibility verification starts. We make sure all necessary information is included and if not, we collect it. Likewise, if errors are found, we make the necessary calls to get the information to correct errors and fully satisfy all requirements. Order entry and a coding review follow.

Standalone Services Are Available

Medcare MSO offers services to meet the needs of each client. In addition to medical billing and coding services, our revenue cycle management team includes experts on the front- and back-office tasks that are so necessary to any medical business. Order management, demographic entry, insurance verification, etc. are available as standalone services if that’s all you need.

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