Thoracic Surgery Medical Billing Services

Medical coding and billing are complex processes that are a challenge for any practice, but specializations like thoracic surgery have such a wide range of procedures and so many alternatives that getting everything correctly coded and submitted properly according to all the insurance claim requirements can seem impossible for a busy office staff.

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Important To Maintain An Efficient Revenue Cycle

As costs continue to rise and medical office budgets get tighter, it becomes even more important to maintain an efficient revenue cycle. Payments being unnecessarily held up because of claim denials or even just slow submission affect your bottom line by delaying income that you need to get as soon as possible to keep your supplies paid for and your office running smoothly.

Thoracic Surgery Billing and Coding Carries Its Own Set of Challenges

Complex Coding Results in Human Error

In a practice where procedures range from minimally invasive to heart transplants there is a lot of room for human error. Unlike a general practice office where the same codes are frequently used, in thoracic surgery billing there are many unusual, detailed codes and modifiers that need to be applied.

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Data Entry Errors Early In The Process Compound As Treatment Progresses

Because treatment is often continuous, or at least composed of several parts, any wrong coding in the beginning causes further errors as treatment goes on, resulting in significant issues in the claims that are submitted. This will result in the claims being rejected or denied and your staff having to go back through many records to figure out what went wrong.

Equipment And Supplies Require Additional Coding

In addition to the procedures, there are monitoring systems, medications and supplies that must be correctly included. All these details frequently have to be transcribed from the physician’s notes, presenting another opportunity for error. Specialized medical billing staffs are much better equipped to deal with these complicated tasks when that is their only job, rather than being in a busy medical practice.

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Nonmatching Fees And Service Invoices Can Get Your Practice In Trouble

Undercoding (entering a code that results in too little compensation for your services) can result in serious losses, and worse yet, overcoding (submitting claims with codes that indicate a more expensive procedure than was performed) confuses billing and delays payments, but it is also a violation of the law and can not only cause trouble with those who pay you, but can trigger an investigation by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the US body that is responsible for investigation of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Medcare MSO Is Your Solution to Thoracic Surgery Billing Issues

Medcare MSO reliably takes over the revenue management cycle from beginning to end. In addition to coding and claims handling, we can manage the process from scheduling patients to recovering past due bills.

We Are Experienced With Practices Of All Sizes Across The U.S.

We are experienced with practices of all sizes across the U.S., in all areas of specialization. By maintaining a well-trained and up to date staff of billing and coding specialists, we are able to manage your revenue cycle more effectively than your in-house staff can, allowing you and your team to focus on your practice and patient care rather than paperwork, while increasing your income.

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You Need An Expert Who Knows How To Recover Payment

For thoracic surgery billing, it is important to have a knowledgeable billing team that has hands-on experience in claims recovery for participating and non-participating practices. If your practice is non-par with any payer, you need an expert who knows how to recover payment at the highest and best negotiable rate.

Right Billing And Coding Partner Will Save You Money

Rather than being an added expense, the right billing and coding partner will save you money. By getting claims filed quickly and correctly, rejections and denials managed efficiently and payments due collected, your practice will have a smoother revenue flow and increased income overall. Get a free demo today and let us show you how we can increase your bottom line.

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