Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing Services to Optimize Your Practice

Medcare MSO provides all the coding and billing support you need to have a thriving practice. Our experienced billing team handles the process from preparing and submitting claims to managing any rejections and denials at no additional cost to our clients. We offer transparent revenue cycle management (RCM) services to streamline your practice and keep you informed.

Specialized Neurosurgery and Neurology Billing and Coding Services

Neurology and neurosurgery are highly specialized fields of medicine, so successful practices need specialized billing teams. All our employees are trained in HIPAA best practices, so you never have to worry about patient privacy when we provide your neurosurgery billing services.

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Medcare MSO’s Services Reduce Physician Stress

Neurologists and neurosurgeons are some of the most highly trained medical practitioners, so it is a real loss when they leave medicine because they are miserable from overwork and too much stress. It happens all too often, and one of the major causes is the load of paperwork that doctors are now saddled with.

Medcare MSO relieves doctors of a tremendous amount of administrative responsibility by taking over billing and revenue cycle management. We offer customizable services to allow you to decide exactly where you would like help.

Medical Billing Challenges for Neurosurgery and Neurology Practices

Medical billing is complicated in general, but the more specialized a field is, the more detailed the coding becomes. Turning over neurosurgery billing to a company that focuses specifically on medical billing has proven to be a valuable solution for many practices. The following are just a few of the aspects that make neurology and neurosurgery billing especially complicated:

Multiple practitioners

It is rare for a patient’s medical journey to begin with neurosurgery. In most cases there will be many practitioners involved in diagnosis and treatment, in addition to the team performing surgery. There may be oncologists, neurologists, infectious disease specialists, etc., depending on the patient’s condition. Medical billers must understand who does what, and how billing is handled for each.

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Global Surgery Packages

The idea behind global surgery packages is to simplify medical billing by eliminating the need to add a detailed code for each part of a surgery and any related care. However, not every surgery fits the package and billers must recognize anything that is not included and bill for it appropriately. This process usually includes modifiers to demonstrate medical necessity. A single surgery claim can be for a very large amount, so it is important that every single claim is properly reimbursed.

Underbilling Due to Omitting Services

Surgery is complicated and requires the participation of many people who may be employed by different entities. It is easy to overlook the coding for services provided by one or more of them, which can result in large amounts of lost revenue. Over time, the cumulative effect can be significant enough to threaten the solvency of the practice. Our neurology billing and coding services include confirming that all services are correctly billed.

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Let Medcare MSO Relieve Your RCM Headaches and Increase Your Bottom Line

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We Don’t Give Up on Unpaid Claims

Payers routinely deny claims for a wide variety of reasons. Deciphering the explanation and correcting the claim for resubmission takes time and expertise. Our innovative approach to medical billing for neurology and neurosurgery includes tracking each claim and reworking it as many times as it takes to get you paid. We’ve got you covered from start to finish with our proprietary software, which picks up the revenue cycle when the patient schedules an appointment. The entire process is managed and properly coded to ensure that you get reimbursement with no lost time.

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Expert Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

In addition to fully handling the billing process, we offer a full suite of neurology practice management and RCM services. Medcare MSO offers a totally customizable suite of services, including payer credentialing, annual payer adjustments and pay back, compliance reviews, AR management (including old AR recovery) and much more. All our employees are trained in HIPAA best practices, so you never have to worry about patient privacy, and we have coders and billers who are both certified and experienced in neurosurgery and neurology billing services. Give us a call today at 800-640-6409 and we will be happy to show you how easy it can be to maximize reimbursements and streamline your practice.