Medcare MSO’s Medical Neurosurgery Billing Services

Neurosurgery is a highly specialized field of medicine, with neurosurgeons being some of the most educated and trained doctors—so it is a real loss when any of them stop practicing because of job dissatisfaction. One of the major causes of this happening is the load of paperwork that doctors are now saddled with.

We Relieves Doctors From Responsibility

Medcare MSO relieves doctors of a tremendous amount of administrative responsibility by taking over revenue cycle management (RCM), with customizable services to allow you to decide exactly what you want. All our employees are trained in HIPAA best practices, so you never have to worry about patient privacy, and we have coders and billers who are both certified and experienced in medical neurosurgery billing services.

Medical Billing Challenges for Neurosurgery Practices

Erroneous medical codes: Medical billers who redirect the records in the same code, consider themselves so familiar with the procedure that they don’t focus on the subtle features of the process, which results in erroneous medical codes.

Denied Claims

Sometimes, after the accomplishment of the claim submission process, the co-payers don’t reimburse their receivables because of the erroneous or illegitimate claims production. Due to insufficient quality tests processed on medical bills, the crucial components might be omitted from the staff. Despite the documentation, defined regulations and policies must be followed to the letter.

Global Surgery Packages

The idea behind global surgery packages is to simplify medical billing by eliminating the need to add a detailed code for each part of a surgery and any related care; however, not every surgery fits the package and billers must recognize anything that is not included and bill for it appropriately, which usually includes modifiers to demonstrate medical necessity. A single surgery claim can be for a very large amount, so it is important that every single claim is properly reimbursed.

Underbilling Due To Omitting Services

Surgery is complicated and requires the participation of many people, some of whom may be employed by a different entity. It is easy to miss the services provided by one or more of them, which can result in large amounts of lost revenue. Over time, the cumulative effect can be significant enough to threaten the solvency of the practice.

Let Medcare MSO Relieve Your RCM Headaches and Increase Your Bottom Line

Staying On Top Of All The Neurosurgery Coding Changes

Staying on top of all the neurosurgery coding changes and modifiers required to correctly document the details of treatment is challenging for the staff in a busy medical office, but at Medcare MSO, that’s what we specialize in. Our innovative approach to medical billing for Neurosurgery starts with our proprietary software, which picks up the revenue cycle when the patient schedules an appointment—so from start to finish, the exam, diagnosis and treatment are all properly coded and you get reimbursement with no lost time.

We Are Experts At Neurosurgery Billing And Coding

We are experts at neurosurgery billing and coding, and our clients get so much more in increased claims payment that our services more than pay for themselves. We also provide a totally customizable suite of services, including payer credentialing, annual payer adjustments and pay back, compliance reviews and much more. Get a free demo today and we will show you how easy it can be to get your billing in order and maximize reimbursements.