Our professionals always tend to provide financial strength to your OB GYN services. We comply with the ever-changing healthcare environment to handle the complexities presented by OBGYN billing and modifiers

OB GYN Billing Services by Medcare MSO

OB GYN practitioners see many patients, some briefly, such as for annual exams, and others extensively for ongoing treatments and prenatal care through childbirth. This means medical coders and billers have to be on the ball to process many claims as well as understand all the parts that go into bundled claims to avoid over or under coding, which result not only in charging too much or too little, but both are violations of the law and can be disastrous for a practice.

OB GYN Billing and Coding are Complex

Like all fields of medicine, OB GYN billing and coding are complex, and it pays to have them managed by professionals who specialize only in the various aspects of revenue cycle management (RCM) rather than trying to practice medicine and handle all the paperwork details involved in processing claims with insurers and government payers.

What Makes OBGYN Complicated For Medical Billing?

There’s no way around it, medical billing is complicated with its various codes and different rules for each payer and insurer. These are just a few of the reasons it has proven beneficial to outsource OB-GYN billing in particular.

Global Claims

Some payers and insurers bundle care during pregnancy and childbirth into one claim, which means the practitioner delivers nine months of service before getting paid—and each claim is for a large sum, making it extremely important that claims not be rejected or denied.

Widely Varying Coverage

Obstetrics and gynecology are two of the areas of medicine that insurance companies are most likely to exclude or limit from coverage. Many have complicated rules specifying that some things will be covered and others won’t. This is something that needs to be made clear when the patient makes an appointment so there are no unexpected bills sent to them later on.

Multiple Facilities

A practice may see the same patient in the clinic and the hospital, each of which requires careful coding. Billers must recognize which procedures are billable under each circumstance and make sure everything is correctly documented.

Medcare MSO Specializes in RCM

Protecting Your Revenue is Our Complete Focus

Protecting your revenue is our complete focus, allowing you to focus on patient care and be free of the extensive paperwork involved in medical billing, coding, compliance, audits, etc. We file clean claims and manage any rejections and denials, assuring that you are paid for all services rendered; yet our services only cost a small percentage of the fees we bill, so the increased revenue from the properly processed claims results in more income overall for our clients.

Our Services are Comprehensive

Our services are comprehensive, but customizable, so you only have to use us for what you want to. The range of services starts with our proprietary software that makes patient scheduling and insurance confirmation simple as well as making sure all the latest annual code changes are incorporated. By having our certified and experienced medical billers handle your claims there will be fewer rejections and denials, but when they do occur, because we have billers who specialize in OB-GYN and are familiar with the terminology and procedures, they will be able to quickly find the issue and appeal the claim decision, resulting in far more payments being received.

We can take care of your payer credentialing, compliance audits, annual pay back and much more. To find out just how we can relieve your physicians and medical staff while making more money for your practice, get a free demo today!