Gastroenterology Billing Services Performed by Medcare MSO

Whether a gastroenterology practice is in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, there are many parts that go into even simple procedures. All of those parts must be accounted for in the codes that are submitted for billing, and anything that is missing or inconsistent will cause a claim to be rejected. Medcare MSO’s entire focus is on medical revenue cycle management (RCM), including billing and coding, so our team is trained and experienced in keeping track of all the details that must be included in the coding for gastroenterology claims.

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Paperwork Demands on Physicians Are High

There is a lot of detail involved, contributing to physicians spending more and more time on paperwork and having less time and energy for patient care. The good news is that almost all of the administrative work related to gastroenterology practice billing can be outsourced to professional billing companies like Medcare MSO, who do nothing but manage that aspect of the medical field.

Why Do Gastroenterology Billing Services Need Specialists?

Medical billers and coders should always be trained, but it is especially important for specializations such as gastroenterology billing, which uses a unique set of codes but also has several conditions making billing service more complex, including the following examples:

Complicated Coding

Gastroenterology procedures are performed at varying facilities and with different teams: gastroenterology billing codes must reflect both who was involved and what kind of facility was used as well as what was done. Each physician and attending medical professional must be indicated, but not necessarily separately, as some procedures are bundled.

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moderate sedation complexities

Moderate Sedation Complexities

Coding for sedation varies, depending on how long the patient was affected as well as whether there was a separate physician present for anesthesiology. This requires coders and billers to be familiar with the procedures and knowledgeable about the various combinations that require modification to the codes.

Follow-Up Exams Require History Details to Get Full Reimbursement

After a patient has been diagnosed and treated, future screenings are coded as high risk, and coding must also indicate the history, again, requiring experience in the specialization for coders and billers.

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Medcare MSO’s Certified and Experienced Gastroenterology Medical Billing Professionals Get the Job Done Right

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Medical Staff Need to Focus on Patient Care

It is impossible for busy medical staff to stay on top of all the coding changes and gastroenterology billing guidelines in addition to being aware of all the details that must be reported in the form of numerical codes for the practice to be fully compensated for services delivered to patients. Medcare MSO has billers who are certified and experienced in gastroenterology, which means your claims will be correct when they are submitted. and when denials and rejections occur, they will be swiftly handled to assure no loss of revenue.

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Medcare MSO Can Handle the Entirety of Your RCM

In addition to billing and coding, all aspects of revenue cycle management can be outsourced to Medcare MSO. You can customize the gastroenterology billing services you receive, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t want. We are experts at the RCM process from payer approvals to bill collection after treatment is completed. Our proprietary software makes billing simple and assures current codes are employed, and we are available to take care of both one-time and annual processes, including credentialing, annual payback, and compliance reviews, making us the only gastroenterology billing company you need.

We can increase your revenue and relieve you of the distraction and stress caused by billing so that you can focus on your patients. There’s no obligation, so give us a call or sign up to get a free demo today!