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Medcare MSO is here to bring you innovative & efficient medical billing for podiatry that will boost your revenue cycle and maximize your profits in no time.

Podiatry Billing Services that Get Results

Podiatry billing and coding is a complex practice because not all services you provide are easily reimbursable by insurers, especially Medicare. Worry not! Our podiatry billing company specializes in handling these complexities and can alleviate the burden from your shoulders. Our billers have mastered the process and will get you paid as quickly as possible.

Medcare MSO leaves no stone unturned when it comes to submitting your claims. We focus on maximizing reimbursements and minimizing denials. Our team stays up to date with the latest coding and billing guidelines, for enhanced reimbursements. So why wait?

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Frustrated with Inconsistent Insurance Policies?

We understand how frustrating it can be when insurance companies reduce the amount they’re willing to pay. It also becomes confusing for patients when their coverage changes each year. However, there’s good news for medical practices. By outsourcing your revenue cycle management (RCM) services to us, you’ll have a team of experts who stay on top of payer changes so you don’t have to try to keep up with them.

Podiatry Billing and Coding Challenges

Medical billing for podiatrists deals with a wide range of coding problems compared to other medical fields. We totally understand that grappling with the complexities of podiatry billing and coding challenges is a major frustration for providers. However, with Medcare MSO you can wave goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and payers’ complexities.

Coding Fails to Distinguish Medically Necessary from Routine

Payers won’t cover routine foot care, but in podiatry, there are instances in which the same condition may require medically necessary treatment for one person and not be a serious concern for another. That’s one great reason you should be outsourcing medical billing from a professional company with relevant experience. We provide accurate billing for podiatrists and get maximum reimbursements.

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Inconsistent Use of Modifiers by Payers

Modifiers are subcategories of CPT codes that give the details of a diagnosis or treatment, and they often determine whether it is covered or not. In podiatry billing and coding, insurers have different rules for modifiers from each other, making it necessary for coders to know what each company uses to make determinations about what is covered. Submitting accurate codes is essential to getting paid on time, and our professional podiatry coders help you with that. Our medical billing services maintain efficient practice management, freeing you up to streamline patient care.

Insurers Bundling Procedures Inappropriately

Payers like to bundle procedures into one coded item to make billing and payment simpler; however, there are times when bundling results in inaccurate billing or under- or over-coding. Podiatry billing companies must understand the procedures being performed, so that they can determine when bundles are incorrect. They also must know how to enter the data correctly, and how to handle the appeal when the insurer’s inappropriate requirements result in non-payment.

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Location Changes Affect Billing

The fact that podiatric procedures are commonly performed in offices, hospitals, and nursing homes can add complexity to billing. Payers have different billing guidelines for each, and modifiers must be consistent to indicate where any given procedure was performed, or the claim may be denied. Likewise, an incorrect code elsewhere in the patient’s chart may indicate an incorrect location, resulting in a conflict that will get the claim rejected until all details are in order.

Maximize Your Podiatry Revenue: Experience Empowerment, Efficiency, Excellence with Us

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Running a Practice Demands Your Attention

We totally understand that non-compensating payers are frustrating and negatively impact your revenue. Our medical billing for podiatrists ensures that you get paid for your services. Leave the complex challenges to us, while you focus on what matters most – your patients’ health. 

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We Take Care of Charting, Coding and Much More

Our specialists start with patient scheduling and their tasks include day-to-day coding and submitting claims. We also take care of managing denials and rejections, compliance charting and coding, annual payer adjustments and payback, and bill collection. You don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients rave about the revenue boost they have seen with our podiatry billing services. Our goal is for our services to be an investment in your continued success, not an expense. Get a free demo today and let us show you how we can take billing off your plate and increase your revenue.