Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services to Optimize Your Urology Practice Revenue and Workflow

Medcare MSO provides urology billing services that consistently increase revenue by properly filing and managing claims, processing denials and following up on old AR. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services include everything from verifying payer coverage to collecting payments on old AR accounts.

Why Should You Outsource Urology Medical Billing?

Like many other areas of specialization in medicine, Urology medical billing is a complicated process and errors are common—and costly. With procedures ranging from minor in-office actions to major procedures requiring hospital stays and follow-up treatments, getting all the coding right, and not overlooking anything is a source of frustration for many practices.

Medcare MSO offers the solution! Our urology billing services not only get your claims filed quickly and accurately, but we also track claims and manage any denials and rejections, so you get paid for all the work you do.

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Urology Medical Billing Services Eliminate Costly Errors

In order to stay solvent as a business, it is important to get paid for all the services you perform. That means you have to ensure that in-house coders and billers understand all the procedures you do and the variables that can apply to each one. The correct use of modifiers in coding is also critical in these complex situations. Even the smallest error can result in a claim rejection or denial, which essentially starts the coding and billing process all over for each claim that isn’t accepted.

Common Billing Challenges for Urology Practices

Medical billing is time consuming for any practice, but urology is a specialty that has some additional coding and billing challenges. The following are a few of the problem areas that are relieved by having Medcare MSO take care of your billing.

Simple Omissions Result in Denied Claims

When a claim is submitted for a procedure that has been performed, it is not unusual for an insurer to deny payment. Often when this happens, it is due to a simple coding error. It could be that everything about the diagnosis was correct and the appropriate procedure was performed, but one code or modifier is missing. A common example is the omission of coding for the tests that document medical necessity. Even if the rest of the information makes it clear that it was necessary, the coding requirements must be followed, literally, to the letter or the claim will be denied.

If a claim is denied or rejected, our billing team is skilled at finding the problem, correcting the claim, and managing the appeal process to get you paid.

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Under-coding and Over-coding Are Legal Liabilities

Failing to include all the subcategory coding and modifiers to correctly bill for services results in under-coding and a loss of revenue. Not only is it inefficient from a billing standpoint, but it is also illegal and can lead to serious problems. Under-coding must be avoided, even in a well-intentioned effort to save a patient money. Clearly, over-coding, or coding for services that were not performed, is also illegal, and that can occur just by entering a wrong code.

Rarely Used Codes Are Often Forgotten

Medical billers who enter the same codes every day become quite familiar with them, but highly specialized procedures are not performed very often, so the coding may not be well understood, and is certainly not easy to remember. That makes it more likely that coding will be done incorrectly. Having our experienced team focused on urology medical billing keeps the details fresh in mind and minimizes errors.

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Get Relief from Billing Stress with Professional Urology Billing Services

There are a lot of moving parts involved in running a urology practice, and it is important that revenue cycle management doesn’t become a hindrance to the most important thing happening: physicians treating patients. It is not possible for a physician, or even the administrator of a busy office to keep up with all the billing guidelines and coding changes involved in medical billing for urology. We are here to take care of that for you!

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We are a Full-Service RCM and Urology Billing Company

Medcare MSO provides comprehensive urology billing services that identify and address potential compliance, regulatory, and reporting issues before they occur. Our old-AR account management services are very successful at getting claims paid, even when they are up to a year old. We provide all the services needed to keep your practice profitable and running smoothly.
Additional services include credentialing, insurance verification, and audits. Due to the staffing shortage, we’ve even added a team that can cover your front and back-office needs. Is there something else you could use help with? Give us a call! Chances are it’s a service we offer.

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Our Innovative Software Makes Coding and Billing Efficient

Over a decade of real-world billing experience has gone into the development of Medcare MSO’s proprietary software. It has been designed to integrate our urology medical billing services with your existing software (or replace it altogether) with very little downtime. That makes for a smooth transition and eliminates the concern of lost claims and delayed revenue in the meantime. We are extremely successful at increasing our clients’ income and reducing time wasted due to billing errors. Give us a call at 800-640-6409 to find out how we can free up your staff, reduce your stress, and increase your revenue.