At Medcare MSO we provide all the services you could need from an endocrinology medical billing company. Our billing system has proven to increase revenue for our clients, and we offer a full suite of medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services to ensure that you also have less stress and full transparency into your billing and revenue work cycle.

Results-Driven Endocrinology Medical Billing Services

Are you tired of complex codes, endless paperwork, and confusing documentation for billing? Medcare MSO is here to relieve you of all of it! In addition to being specialized, endocrinology involves a lot of lab testing and follow-up. If the correct codes and their modifiers are not applied in just the right way, a perfectly appropriate encounter may be denied as a duplicate or non-covered visit. Medical billing and coding services have become indispensable for this kind of practice. Professional billers who are focused only on handling claims and dealing with insurers and payers are able to track and manage claims more efficiently than medical office staff who may have many other responsibilities.

From Complexity to Clarity: Supercharge Your Endocrinology Medical Billing with Us

In today’s economy, with staffing shortages and rapidly rising costs, medical practices need to run very efficiently to attain financial stability. Turning over your medical billing and other revenue cycle management (RCM) tasks to Medcare MSO relieves your staff and frees up your attention so you can focus on patient care. As if that wasn’t good enough, it will also increase your revenue! The billing staff assigned to your account has been trained in our proven system for quickly preparing claims, “scrubbing” for errors, properly submitting, and tracking each one until it is paid. If there are denials, they know how to determine what the problem is, resolve it, and resubmit the claim without delay. The result is that the payment cycle is much faster and far less revenue is lost to unpaid claims.

The Challenges of Endocrinology Medical Billing

We believe any medical practice can benefit from working with the right medical billing company, but it is especially important for endocrinology practitioners for the following reasons.

Front Office Scheduling

Endocrinologists frequently receive patients as referrals from other physicians, and in addition to the usual intake processing, information relating to the original examination and diagnosis must be correctly recorded or claims will be denied or rejected. The endocrinology medical billing process begins as soon as the patient or another medical office schedules the appointment, so having specialized coders who are familiar with the practices of endocrinology is essential.

Detailed Codes for Common Actions

Medcare MSO’s endocrinology billers are experienced with these details and receive ongoing training updates so they are aware of code changes as they go into effect.

Managing Denied and Rejected Claims Is Time-Consuming

Payers don’t make any effort to reconcile issues with claims, they just reject or deny them. The slightest variation from the patient’s record will cause a rejection, and anything in the claim that doesn’t match up with the expected treatment will be denied. It can take hours of in-house staff time to reconcile each rejected or denied claim, making the process a serious drain on the practice’s finances and staff.

Outsourcing Endocrinology Medical Billing to Medcare MSO Supports Your Practice

If, like most medical practitioners, you have struggled with endocrinology billing and coding issues, it may seem impossible that someone outside your practice would be able to manage that process for you. We understand! However our clients have told us repeatedly that their revenue increases and their practice runs more smoothly when they outsource their coding and billing to us. Give us a call if you’d like to know more. We’re happy to assess your needs and tell you what we honestly think we can do for you.

Innovative Team of Certified Billers and Coders

We have an innovative team of certified, experienced medical billers, with specialists in many areas of medicine, including endocrinology. Our system is continuously being improved and expanded as we add more services. We handle revenue cycle management (RCM) from beginning to end, starting with scheduling, carrying through coding and billing, including swiftly addressing rejections and denials, and even taking care of bill collection when necessary.

Access the Latest Billing Technology

If you are happy with your billing and EHR/EMR software, we can integrate with that, but we also offer proprietary software that is kept up to date with the latest codes, regulations, and data security protocols. When you use our billing software, you can be confident that your coding is correct, and you don’t have the expense of software updates, which can be very significant for a medical practice. Our medical billing services also include managing annual payer adjustments, payer credentialing, and compliance reviews—and you can customize which services you need. Give us a call today to see how we can protect your bottom line while giving you back the time you need to focus on your practice and patient care.