Medcare MSO’s Rheumatology Billing Services

Medical billing is complex in general, and rheumatology practices don’t have it any easier than other fields. Outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM), including rheumatology medical billing and coding has proven to be beneficial for increasing both income and physician job satisfaction.

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Paperwork Takes Up To 25% Of A Doctor’s Time

The amount of paperwork required in medical practice now takes up to 25% of a doctor’s time, and for most of them, it is an unpleasant task and causes many to lose their desire to continue practicing. HIPAA is not a barrier to outsourcing because now there are professional rheumatology billing companies like Medcare MSO who ensure that all employees are trained in privacy and security protocols to assure your patients, and your practice, are protected.

Code and Insurer’s Policies Changing All The Time

With codes changing annually and insurer’s policies changing all the time, it isn’t feasible for busy medical staff to stay on top of it all and still be able to focus on patient care. Outsourcing rheumatology medical billing to someone who is completely focused on RCM lets medical professionals focus on medicine, while billing professionals take care of the revenue side of the business.

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3 Reasons Rheumatology Practices Need Professional Billing Services

All fields of medicine benefit from being relieved of the work involved in medical billing and coding and rheumatology is no exception. Here are a few aspects of the field that make billing for rheumatology complicated.

A large Number Of Geriatric Patients

Rheumatologists may have patients of any age, but rheumatism and arthritis become much more common in old age. Since most seniors have Medicare, which is extremely picky about how claims are filed, and the government program negotiates the lowest possible rates, it is especially important to receive payment for every service that is delivered. That means coders and billers must be experienced and efficiently get every claim correctly submitted and quickly deal with any rejections and denials.

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Detailed Coding Requirements

Many conditions diagnosed and treated by rheumatologists must be specified by the location in the body and which side of the body is involved. This level of detail can result in a lot of claims being rejected if coders and billers aren’t experienced in the field. It takes expertise to not only be able to note an error in what is present but also to recognize what isn’t present that should be.

Chronic Care

Unlike injuries or acute diseases with medicinal cures, rheumatologists treat many conditions that are chronic. Billing for chronic care involves a complex system of coding that varies not only by what is being treated but by the frequency of appointments and the number of chronic conditions the patient has. Billers must be aware of all these details to ensure the correct coding is used or claims will be rejected.

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We allow Medical Professionals to be patient-Centric and still get Paid

Getting paid for services rendered is what makes a medical practice sustainable. That requires submitting claims that are correct and on time, with all the necessary information included. Even something like a misspelled name will cause a denial, and any unexpected and unexplained item will get the whole claim rejected. Under-coding and overcoding are not only issues that result in over and under-payment but are also illegal and have resulted in rheumatology billings clinics being charged with fraud.

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We Can Swiftly Resolve Any Rejections

Medcare MSO a top-tier rheumatology medical billing company has billers who are not only trained in rheumatology billing services but also have experience so that they are able to submit clean claims and swiftly resolve any rejections and denials. Our innovative approach to medical RCM includes proprietary software to ensure that the latest codes are used.

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You Get Exactly What You Need

Our rheumatology billing and coding services are customized for each client, so you get exactly what you need and keep control of whatever aspects of RCM that you want to perform yourself. We are available to do payer credentialing, annual payback, compliance reviews, and much more. Get a free demo today to see how we can increase your revenue and help your practice run much more smoothly.