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Laboratory Billing Services

Medcare MSO specializes in the distinct features of laboratory billing services. We have an outstanding track record of collecting old AR accounts dating back to a year old for clinical lab billing, DNA billing, pathology billing, toxicology billing, and molecular testing lab billing services. Our customers see increased collections, shortened reimbursement cycles, and smaller denial buckets with Medcare’s specialized billing for laboratory services.


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lab billing

Laboratory Billing Solutions
For Complex Requirements

We understand the significant impact of PAMA pricing on clinical and specialized lab tests, especially because laboratory billing has always presented a challenge. But our certified medical billing specialists have unmatched expertise and experience in CPT updates and revisions, so you can rest assured that we will maximize reimbursement for the services you provide your patients. We provide real-time eligibility to ensure services are covered and claims are paid as they should be.


Billing Assessments

Medcare MSO is a professional laboratory billing company and provides detailed customized assessments of hospital-based and independent lab billing solutions on a consulting basis. By leveraging our lab and billing expertise, we help clients understand how they can achieve best billing practices. Our highly experienced staff will identify and analyze your critical revenue cycle issues.

Full-Service Billing

Improve your bottom line with the most comprehensive and effective full-service billing in the lab industry. Our Full-Service Billing option covers all aspects of your revenue cycle management, including preparing, producing, submitting, and following up on laboratory claims. We will develop and implement the right strategy to help you meet your billing goals.

Supported Billing Solution

Leverage the full capabilities of Medcare MSO’ feature-rich supported billing solution under the management and personnel of your lab. Maintain control of your billing department with the best laboratory revenue cycle management technology and strategic advice at your fingertips.

Save your time & money
Census Entry

By 2020, PAMA pricing and reporting requirements will completely change the way labs manage information, and not just where claims are concerned. Current methods for entering data and placing lab orders are outdated, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Many laboratories have already downsized in anticipation of regulatory changes, and many do not have adequate personnel to ensure that the census entry process is completed efficiently and accurately.

We offer
Census Entry Handling

The laboratory medical billing cycle begins with lab orders, but they are much more than a request for services. Lab orders are the core of your operation, and your success depends on how quickly and accurately they are processed. We understand the impact that delays and errors have on your bottom line which is why we offer Census Entry as a standalone service in laboratory billing. Medcare MSO can handle orders in all formats (manual, email, EMR, etc.) so you can focus on what matters most—providing exceptional service to laboratory patients.

The Lab Business isn’t Getting any Easier

Leverage the Medcare MSO team’s lab experience and know-how to help chart a successful future.

Client Services

Saving you from the loopholes to
Collecting Your Payments

So, you completed the requested lab tests and sent the results to the ordering physician. The next logical step is to bill for your services, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Oftentimes, you’re missing critical information required to process the claim. Other times, the necessary fields are complete, but the information contains errors. The gaps between orders, services, and laboratory billing create loopholes that prevent you from collecting payments for the services you’ve provided. And gathering this information is tedious and time-consuming.

Reimbursements increase
By 5-10% increase in lab billing

As part of our laboratory medical billing services, Medcare MSO picks up client requisitions and maximizes reimbursements by identifying and addressing these loopholes. Our Client Services team will contact the ordering physician or facility to obtain missing information or to correct errors that cause potential claims denials. You can see a 5-10% increase in lab billing reimbursement rates by utilizing our client services.

We offer complete and customized billing and project management services to meet your needs.

Affordable Rate

We will provide you with physician practice management services and modern medical software at a very affordable rate.

Runs Smoothly

We assign a Medcare Regional Manager to your office to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

HR Services

The Medcare process can also work with payroll, coordinate benefits and provide your office with human resource services.

Accounting Services

We will process and collect your accounts receivable, and offer full accounting services.

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