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Having a successful medical practice requires excellent medical billing services. Payers are continually cutting reimbursements, but suppliers are raising prices, so in order for any kind of medical facility to thrive, it must be able to get the maximum allowable payments for services delivered.

Because the regulations and requirements for medical billing have become so detailed and are changing constantly, the process is challenging and very time consuming. Even small errors result in rejected claims and figuring out what’s wrong can take up all of a medical staff’s time. That’s why medical billing outsourcing services companies have become such a popular medical billing solution.


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Shortening Reimbursement Cycles and Maximizing Profitability

Our innovative approach and team of experienced medical billers increase revenue and gets payments faster.

Careful examination of unpaid claims found several errors commonly occurring:

  • Patient scheduling and confirmation
  • Missed encounter management and tracking
  • Insurance eligibility and verification
  • Charting and coding review
  • Charge entry
  • Claims submission and scrubbing
  • Rejection handling
  • Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • Old AR collections

Top Medical Billing Companies Shorten the Reimbursement Cycle

Getting paid quickly is always beneficial for a business. It establishes a smooth cash flow and lets you get your own bills paid in a timely manner. But there is an even more important reason to make the reimbursement cycle more efficient.

Practices losing large amounts of potential revenue

The longer a claim goes unpaid, the less likely it is to ever be paid. Claims eventually expire, and a great deal of revenue has been lost that way, but even in the short term, claims that are denied or rejected are often abandoned if the medical billing service doesn’t have a system for managing them, which results in medical practices losing large amounts of potential revenue.

We submit claims within 24-48 hours

Medcare MSO’s medical billing service providers typically complete, scrub and submit claims within 24-48 hours of the service being given. Our system tracks all claims so that none fall by the wayside if the payment process slows down or hits a snag.

The Right Medical Billing Agencies Also Increase Revenue

Old accounts receivable (AR) is a source of significant loss for most medical practices. Once a claim has been denied or rejected, it takes an investment of time and effort to determine why and get it corrected. The longer it waits, the more difficult it can be to sort out the issue and it becomes more expensive for the provider to pay for staff time to get it handled.

Outsourced Medical Billing for Your Independent Practice

Medcare MSO excels at getting reimbursements for old AR as well as new claims. Our systematic approach of tracking each claim results in increased revenue for our clients, with no additional work on their part.