Medical billing that gives you the reimbursement you deserve!

Medcare MSO is dedicated to providing the best physical therapy billing services. Our company covers everything from precise coding to seamless claims submission and swift reimbursement. We let you say goodbye to billing concerns, so you focus on your more important tasks.

Why Choose Medcare MSO as Your Physical Therapy Billing Company?

We completely understand the reimbursement complexities that accompany physical therapy. Payers often have very specific criteria for billing things like documentation standards, treatment duration limitations, pre-authorization procedures and more. These criteria can make reimbursement difficult for physical therapists. Medcare MSO stays up to date with payer policies and guidelines to ensure our clients are paid for their hard work. We use state of the art physical therapy medical billing software to file accurate claims on time. Outsource your medical billing services to us and see just how much more efficient your billing and collections can be.

Simplifying Compliance for Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists usually provide treatments recommended by a doctor, so they can’t change the treatment to accommodate an insurance company’s preferences. This can be a source of conflict between the healthcare provider and the insurance company. Our medical billing company helps physiotherapists to properly document their services and treatments to meet the insurance company’s criteria and minimize disagreements.

Billing Challenges for Physical Therapy Practitioners

Are you feeling stressed about your billing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you avoid these common issues and get paid for the services you provide.

Scheduling Problems

As a referral-based practice, physiotherapists are frequently getting patients from another office that may not be in the same insurer’s network. The medical billing and coding process begins when the appointment is set and insurance coverage is determined. Without the latest software and certified coders handling it, keeping track of all that is next to impossible—and often results in improper coding. We’ve developed cutting-edge medical billing software that provides our coders and billers all the information they need to stay on top of it. 

Claim Denials

Denial or rejection of claims can result from even the smallest errors as well as from payers disagreeing that treatment is covered by their policy. If anything seems to be awry, the claim will be automatically rejected or denied and it becomes the problem of the provider to figure out how to code the claim to correctly communicate what was done, so they can be paid appropriately. Our physical therapy billing services reduce the chances of claim denials and improve profitability.

Coding Errors

Simple coding errors are the cause of many claim denials in a physical therapy practice. All medical fields have specialized codes, but the practices have a high number of variables and each one requires coding modifiers. This makes it important for practitioners to have coders and billers who are experienced with the specific coding for PT–and that’s why it’s recommended to work with physical therapy billing companies.. It allows therapists to prevent CPT coding errors and streamline their revenue cycle.

Overcome Your Physical Therapy Billing Issues With Us

Are you looking for a physical therapy billing company? Look no further! Medcare MSO offers services for the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process from beginning to end, allowing physiotherapists and staff to focus on their primary job—patient care. In addition to the obvious, our services also include payroll costs, revenue increments, ensuring compliance, and more.

Innovation And Efficiency

Outsourcing medical billing services means getting help from experts outside of your practice to handle tasks related to billing. This allows the practitioners and staff in your clinic to focus on taking care of patients instead of dealing with paperwork. Medcare MSO’s certified specialists have the experience necessary to avoid upcoding and downcoding errors. We also take care of charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and bill collection, completing the revenue cycle.

Certified And Experienced

Medcare MSO provides exceptional billing for PT services. Our medical billing software keeps up with the annual code changes as well as constantly changing rules and billing practices. Our experience covers medical practices in all fields, and we have billing and coding specialists who are certified and experienced in PT, so they can swiftly resolve any issues that arise. If you are looking for experienced coding and billing experts to help you in your physical therapy practice, Medcare MSO is the name to remember.