Infectious Disease Billing and Coding Services

Because an infectious disease practice deals with such a wide range of medical conditions, and can be in many different settings from small independent practices to large hospitals, each of which requires different medical coding, it can be difficult to run a practice without professional, specialized infectious disease billing and coding services.

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outsource medical billing

Outsource Your Medical Billing

It may be scary to hand over such a huge responsibility to an outside firm, but many medical practices have found that outsourcing infectious disease medical billing services are exactly what it takes to get a handle on the ever-changing medical codes and to deal effectively with payers so that the practice gets paid appropriately for services rendered.

Medical Billing Issues Affecting Infectious Disease Practices

All medical offices are impacted by the complexity of the medical billing system; however, there are some ways in which an infectious medicine practice may be especially affected. These include.

Challenges With Front Office Scheduling Functions:

The infectious disease billing RCM starts with scheduling when the insurer’s coverage and allowable charges are verified. Medcare MSO’s innovative software keeps your office up to date with recent changes to the codes and payers’ individual policies.

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Keeping up with government incentives and offers:

The spread of infectious diseases is one of the areas of medicine that gets the most governmental attention, and vaccinations and treatment protocols need to be implemented immediately when an epidemic is identified. It’s enough for physicians to keep on top of what they need to be doing to care for patients—so figuring out how to do billing and coding for each new thing that comes along is just too much distraction. That’s why outsourcing to an infectious disease medical billing company that is dedicated only to coding and billing works so well.

Managing Denial And Rejection Of Claims:

Claims may be rejected over small clerical errors but will certainly be denied if the coding is incorrect or doesn’t match the expectations of the payer. Over-coding and under-coding occur when office staff is not familiar with all the details of the latest changes, or even the way each payer is bundling charges. Medcare MSO’s certified billing specialists are trained in the latest coding practices and experienced in recognizing common errors so that corrections are made and clean claims are submitted.

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Medcare MSO Increases Incomes with Effective Revenue Cycle Management

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From Scheduling To Bill Collection

Our infectious disease billing services cover the gamut of coding and billing needs, from scheduling to bill collection. Our strategy is to be as innovative as possible to make coding and billing a smooth, efficient process. We “scrub” claims to ensure submittals are accepted, and when denials do occur, our certified specialists quickly resolve the issue, saving your office staff valuable time, and greatly reducing lost revenue due to time limits being exceeded.

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Charting And Coding

Medcare MSO’s additional services include charting and coding review, posting payments, keeping up with payer credentialing, and we even cover the annual payer adjustments and payback processes, allowing you to focus on caring for patients, knowing that your revenue is being maximized by having experts in charge of that process. To see how we can streamline your coding and billing, get a free demo today.