Our team has extensive experience with complicated medical billing and coding for immunology health providers. If you’re in search of a way to reduce your practice overhead, collect on more bills, and increase your revenue, we’ve got you covered.

Allergy and Immunology Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is complicated regardless of the field you are in, but allergy and immunology medical billing services must deal with some details that are more involved than most specialties. That’s why outsourcing billing and coding to professionals who are dedicated only to the revenue cycle management (RCM) aspect of medicine has become a popular solution.

Paperwork Became Such A Drain

Thousands of doctors have retired early or left private practice to join a large institution because the medical billing paperwork became such a drain on their resources that it was impractical to stay in business. Medcare MSO is happy to provide the relief needed and be able to increase revenue for our clients.

Why Outsource Immunology Medical Billing and Coding?

Doctors and medical staff are not only more effective but also happier when they don’t have to deal with filing claims and managing denials and rejections. It is far better to allow them to focus on patient care and entrust billing and coding to a company like Medcare MSO. Practices in all fields have benefited from outsourcing, but these reasons make it especially beneficial for allergy and immunology.

Rising Costs And Reduced Reimbursement

Immunology and allergy are both areas where payers have cut their costs by reducing reimbursement amounts, but physicians are dealing with rising costs for their supplies and medications. Narrow profit margins make it especially important for every service to be reimbursed, which requires error-free claims.

Differing Insurer Coverage

Each insurer has different policies about what they cover and how much they will pay, and Medicare has a different set of rules from private insurers. This makes it difficult for medical office staff to properly bill because there are too many variables. On top of that, reimbursement is different for things like allergy testing and shots, and for build-up and maintenance dosages, so billers must understand the difference and know how to correctly code for each.

Time Consuming Treatment And Follow-up

Immunology/allergy treatments often require follow up visits with the physician on the same day, and these must be carefully coded with modifiers to indicate that, or the insurer is likely to consider it a duplicate bill and only pay one of them. Most items on a claim are allotted a specific amount of time, but treatments such as rush immunotherapy and drug desensitization may be billed on an hourly basis. Only experienced billers are likely to be aware of this exception and know how to properly document it.

You Can Trust Medcare MSO to Increase Revenue with Effective RCM

Certified Medical Coders and Billers

We understand the revenue cycle from beginning to end and will customize our services to meet your needs. Our billers are certified in medical billing and trained in HIPPA best practices so you can be assured your patient data is secure. On top of that, they are experienced with allergy and immunology billing and know what to look for to make sure claims are complete and correct.

Our innovative approach includes a proprietary software to assure that all the latest codes are at hand and the entire billing cycle runs smoothly. In addition to medical billing, we also take care of payer credentialing, annual payback, collections, compliance reviews and much more.

Get a free demo today, and we will be happy to show you how we can increase your bottom line and get you back to focusing on patients.