Geriatrics Billing Services by Medcare MSO

Geriatrics is a demanding field and medical practitioners need to be able to fully focus on patient care—not have their energy drained by concerns with medical billing and other aspects of revenue cycle management (RCM). Medcare MSO is a professional company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical RCM services, including billing and coding. Our clients not only get increased revenue, but also higher job satisfaction.

Geriatrics billing services

Outsourcing medical billing has become a popular solution to the need to deal with the paperwork of geriatrics medical billing services. Medcare MSO trains all employees on HIPPA security and privacy requirements, so you can rest assured your patients’ info is in safe hands with us.

3 Top Reasons Why Geriatrics Practices Should Outsource Medical Billing

Medcare MSO’s billers are certified and experienced in coding for geriatrics. Medical billing is complicated no matter what field you are in, but geriatrics has a some challenges that make outsourcing especially beneficial. These are a few of them.

predominance of medicare

Predominance of Medicare patients

Not only is Medicare extremely picky about how claims are filed, the government program negotiates the lowest possible rates, making it even more important that every service that is delivered be compensated.

Variable insurer and payer plans

There are many options within Medicare, which vary from state to state. Patients may have several different programs (with varying benefits) to choose from for Part B, then they choose whether to get prescription drug coverage. Or they may choose a “Part C” plan which is an HMO or PPO. Each of these options will have different rules about what is covered, making the system very confusing for patients as well as medical staff.

variable insurer and payer plans
chronic care management

Chronic care management

Geriatric patients also tend to have more chronic conditions than younger demographics. Chronic conditions require more care, and because they are ongoing, billing and coding must be carefully done to avoid rejections for what appear to be duplicate bills.

Improve Patient Care and Increase Revenue by Outsourcing RCM to Medcare MSO

The stress physicians experience due to the amount of paperwork required of them can be greatly relieved by outsourcing RCM, especially billing and coding to professionals who do just that—freeing up medical professionals to practice medicine and devote their attention to patients.

customized services

We provide customized services

Medcare MSO handles all aspects of RCM, but our services are customized for each client, so that you can get exactly what you want. We highly recommend outsourcing medical billing, at a minimum. The amount of revenue lost each year due to issues with claims is staggering and can be greatly reduced by having them filed by professionals. Our clients tell us that the increased revenue more than pays for our services and their practices run much more smoothly with our help.

updated software

Our software is up-to-date with codes

Our proprietary software ensures that up-to-date codes are used and the whole process stays on track. We are also available to do payer credentialing, compliance reviews, bill collection, annual pay back and much more. Get a free demo today to see how we can increase your revenue while letting you get back to focusing on patients.