Your Team of Specialists to Manage the Entire Billing, Collection and Revenue Process.

Medcare MSO has a large team of experienced billers, including a group that is familiar with the intricacies of billing for services and equipment necessary in the care of those with disabilities.

Medical Billing for Disability Services

Medical care and equipment provided to those with disabilities require coding that is often different from that used for patients with short-term treatment of similar conditions. That means medical coders and billers must be alert to the details of what was done and under what circumstances.

It Can Be Difficult For Inexperienced Coders

It can be difficult for inexperienced coders—especially in a busy medical office environment—to catch all the details. That’s why we recommend outsourcing medical billing and coding to someone who specializes only in that aspect of the business. Revenue cycle management (RCM) can be handled externally, allowing physicians and medical staff to focus on caring for patients while having highly-trained specialists manage claims.

Billing and Coding Concerns for Disability Services

The following are just a few of the details that make disability medical billing unique. In order to receive reimbursement for services and equipment, the appropriate codes must be applied.

Specialized Equipment Limitations

Insurers and payers have differing policies regarding durable medical equipment (DME) and other medically necessary equipment, so coders and medical billers must be skilled in checking the payer’s requirements and specific coverage.

Treatment Of Pre-existing Conditions

Insurers can no longer turn away patients with pre-existing conditions, nor can they charge them higher rates. Medical billing specialists need to be aware of the different coding for first and follow-up visits and know-how to deal with denials for the treatment of chronic conditions.

Extensive Medicare and Medicaid Coverage

Services for those with disabilities are constantly being upgraded, which means that coding must change to keep up with new developments. In addition to hospital and medical treatment, rehabilitative, residential and long-term care are provided. The rules differ in some cases from those for the elderly who are covered by Medicaid, requiring coders and billers to be attentive to the correct designations.

Medcare MSO Provides Expert Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Care Should Be The Top Priority

Patient care should be the top priority for medical personnel, but RCM is critical to your success from a business standpoint. That’s why a partnership with an experienced medical billing company has been so successful for many practices and large-scale providers. Medcare MSO’s medical billers are not only certified in general medical billing but also have experience in all the different specializations, including disability billing.

Additional Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our services also include payer credentialing, annual adjustments and payback processes, posting payments, and charting and coding review. Get a free demo today to see how Medcare MSO can relieve you of the stress associated with billing and claims processing, so you can enjoy treating patients, knowing your revenue is taken care of by experts.