Maximizing Revenue for Your Home Health Agency with Error-free Claim Submission

Welcome to Medcare MSO, where our home health billing company goal is to  provide all the services you need to support the revenue growth of your agency. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your home health agency succeed. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers and provide a comprehensive suite of billing and revenue cycle managment services.

Unique Challenges Encountered by Home Health Agencies

Billing and reimbursement in the home health sector present unique challenges. Seasoned experts are required to provide the necessary understanding of insurance coverage, coding precision, and efficient financial management strategies. Proactive accounts receivable management, expertise in denial management, and efficient resolution of credit balances are all critical.

Successful Home Health Billing Requires Many Different Skills, Including

Skillfully navigating insurance coverage to verify patient eligibility and obtain approvals in advance.

Making sure all patient information is recorded accurately and claims are submitted without errors.

Excelling in coding and knowing how to obtain the highest allowable reimbursements.

Quickly managing billing and submitting claims, both at the end of a patient’s encounter and following up on unpaid bills.

Actively handling accounts receivable by dealing with payers, researching unpaid claims, and fixing mistakes in claims.

Efficiently solving credit balance issues by analyzing the records, identifying overpayments, and sending refund letters.

Providing personalized reports for clear insights into the status of all financial processes.

Carefully reviewing and correctly recording payments, both electronic and manual, and accurately denoting payments from payers and patients, as well as tracking denials.

How Medcare MSO Ensures Financial Stability for Your Practice

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Patient Coverage and Authorization

Identifying insurance coverage can be tricky when submitting a claim. Medcare MSO has a team that specializes in determining patient eligibility and obtaining prior authorizations, saving your staff precious time and minimizing the chance of error.

Data Management

Efficient home health billing services depends on precise data management. Our committed staff ensures that patient demographics and insurance information are accurately recorded, resulting in careful charge entry, accurate coding, and comprehensive documentation. Our system ensures error-free claim submission, maximizing your reimbursement potential.

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Coding Excellence

Home health coding demands a complete understanding of clinical documentation and adherence to specific coding standards. Medcare MSO has a highly trained team of  experienced billers and coders with in-depth knowledge of industry guidelines. Our team can handle specialized coding requirements to optimize your payout.

Billing and Claims Submission

Delays in billing and claims submission directly interfere with your cash flow. Medcare MSO provides prompt home care billing solutions, efficiently handling No-pay RAPs and End of Episode (EOE) claims through electronic and paper submissions as appropriate.

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Payment Posting

Our dedicated team thoroughly reviews and posts all payments, covering electronic, manual, patient, and denial posting. We offer you a transparent view of your financial transactions by minimizing errors in claim submission. Medcare MSO ensures accuracy at every step, contributing to your financial stability.

proactive AR Management

Proactive AR Management

Effective management of accounts receivable relies on proactive follow-up. Medcare MSO engages directly with payers, conducting thorough research on unpaid claims, responding to rejections, and promptly reprocessing corrected claims.

Denial Management

Denial Management

Identifying the causes of denials and categorizing them is important for preventing recurring issues. Medcare MSO’s denial management process includes determining the reasons for denials and retraining the biller or correcting information with the payer if there is a problem on their end.


Join Medcare MSO to support the financial health of your Home Health agency. Each challenge is met with expertise, accuracy, and a commitment to your success. Our home health billing services ensure that your practice not only survives but thrives in today’s complex healthcare landscape.