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We are the Most Reliable Medical Billing Company That You Can Come Across

Medcare MSO is a top-notch medical billing company in the USA that offers exceptional real-time solutions that improve the standards of medical practices. With over 12 years of Healthcare IT and billing management experience, we have become the top brand in the medical billing industry.

Personalized solutions and advanced billing software for your practice

We offer a wide array of personalized solutions with advanced medical billing software for laboratories, individual physicians, groups, and organizations of all sizes.
Our medical billing agency is proud to have highly skilled and certified medical billing experts who ensure quality assistance, including insurance claims billing, denial management, AR recovery services and practice management solutions. Unlike other medical billing companies, we take good care of all aspects of HRCM to help you run your medical practice more conveniently.




First Pass Clean Claims Rate


Revenue Increase


Reduction in A/R


Days Turn Around Time


Collection Ratios

↓ 10%

120+ AR

Core values of our Medical Billing Company


Our core priority as a billing agency is to provide ease for the practices and mitigate the hassle of medical billing for them. Enabling the practitioners to focus on treating patients while we take care of all their billing needs. The fundamentals of our mission are as follow:

  • To provide unmatched medical billing services
  • Ensuring 100% client satisfaction
  • Staying updated with the change in coding trends
  • 15 to 20% increase in revenue for your practice
  • Filing error-free claims
  • 30% Reduction in A/R
  • Rectifying Denied and Rejected claims


Medcare MSO is a certified and licensed medical billing agency. Our Vision is to enhance the industry standards by providing innovative ideas to assist the healthcare practitioners in achieving their highest level of success and attaining maximum revenue for their tough grind. Our vision involves the following:

  • No compromise on providing high-quality medical billing services
  • Upgrading our software and services to comply with clients’ needs
  • Keeping client requirements; our fundamental priority
  • Increasing the percentage of your practice’s revenue
  • Using advanced technologies to cater your needs
  • Hiring the best-skilled staff to streamline your concerns
  • Maintaining Transparency of the entire process

What Makes Medcare MSO Distinguished From Other Companies?

Medcare MSO offers specialized medical billing services that are tailored according to your needs.. We’ll dedicate a well-qualified account manager that tracks down every detail of your account. In this way, we make sure that not even a single unpaid claim from your revenue slips between the cracks.

Being one of the most dependable healthcare billing companies, Medcare MSO is working diligently to sustain its reputation. Our core values are the main reason that we have successfully managed to become one of the top medical billing vendors in the United States.

Our Incredible Attributes That Set Us Apart

We are the Certified Medical Billing Experts

We stand out from all medical billing companies as our certified medical billing specialists and technical analysts are highly trained and exceptionally skilled in all areas of medical billing. Medcare MSO selectively engages the smartest and most talented individuals to provide comprehensive tutoring to its staff and also make sure that they’ll receive ongoing training so the team will stay updated with the changing trends of the industry. Therefore, our team always has exceptional knowledge and authority over current regulations and technologies.

Well Equipped To Meet Your Billing Needs

Whether it’s the Medcare team or its specialized range of services, we believe our diversity allows us to meet the unique needs of each client. Every healthcare organization has its own billing needs, and we’re committed to providing a wide range of services according to their requirements.

We Use The Advanced Top-Notch Technology

At Medcare MSO, we know that innovation and technology have become a necessity for the smooth functioning of medical billing companies. Therefore, we invest in the latest billing technologies and employ the most professional healthcare IT industry experts. It helps us to provide unparalleled billing services to streamline and simplify all aspects of patient care and practice management.

Dedication And Professionalism

Medcare MSO is always dedicated to generating optimal revenue for its clients. Therefore, we’re committed to innovation and ingenuity, which allows inquisitive minds to consider better ways of supporting our clients. This way, medical practitioners can focus more on the needs of the patients and worry less about their finances and filing claims.

Need a Devoted Medical Billing Company?

You’ve Found The Right Partner!

Medcare MSO offers comprehensive medical billing services and best-medical practices process management to shorten your reimbursement cycle, increase revenue streams, and maximize profitability.

It’s difficult to remain completely focused on patient care when you’re worrying about your bottom line.

If your current medical billing system is not efficient enough to control consistent cash flow across your accounts. In contrast to other medical billing agencies, we charge a small chunk of money while recovering a massive amount for you. Then, you definitely need such insights that can help you get prepared for the next economy.


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