Jan 26, 2021

How A Medical Billing Company Can Save Your Rehab Facility Money

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If you are running a rehab facility and doing your own coding and billing in-house, it probably seems like outsourcing that task would be an expense you couldn’t afford—but we are happy to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! An efficient billing help will not only make your billing easier but will increase your revenue too. Here are a few of the ways it actually saves you money to have your rehab billing done by a third-party company.

Keeping Track of All the Details Of Your Revenue

Your billers must address all the requirements of who and what qualifies for rehab, what kind of care is required, limitations for what is included and who can give it, and much more. Facility policies take these into account, of course, to make sure care will be covered, but it is up to the medical billers to document on the claim that each requirement is met and to ensure that nothing on the claim is excluded.

Payers don’t go through claims and respond with a friendly negotiation when they don’t think they are responsible for an item—they simply deny payment. Medical billers have to understand all the details and be able to document them in order to get claims paid. Claims are much more likely to be paid if they are submitted error-free the first time.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to avoiding the trickier aspects of billing and coding. It is important for the medical billers to not only be familiar with the codes in general but also to have direct experience billing for rehab facilities. It is in the coding and entering of the specialized information that errors commonly occur. Medcare MSO has a large medical billing team including billers with experience to match each medical specialization, resulting in far fewer errors and much higher revenue for our clients.

Making Bills Understandable for Patients

Patients are much more likely to pay a bill when they understand it. Clarity is important both because it confirms that their insurance covered the part they are supposed to, and more importantly, it demonstrates that you charged them appropriately. No one wants to go to a health care provider that they don’t trust and making someone feel “ripped off” when they get a bill yanks their sense of trust away in a heartbeat. You are much better off to make the extra effort to ensure that your bills are correct and easy to understand so that you don’t lose your hard-earned patients over avoidable confusions.

A billing company can provide bills for patients and answer questions that come up. The ability to quickly resolve concerns comes from having years of experience and understanding how payers think and where the confusing parts of the bill might be.

Letting Medical Professionals Focus on Medicine

Running a rehab facility comes with a lot of administrative responsibility. DIY billing on top of that can become overwhelming, especially if physicians are trying to oversee the billing while also treating patients. It becomes very stressful for medical staff to try and give their full attention to patients when there are always unanswered questions.

Billing for rehab isn’t extremely complicated compared to a lot of other fields of medicine, but on the other hand, there may be many different practitioners involved in each patient’s care and some will and some won’t be in-network for each carrier. Once again, it quickly becomes a bunch of admin that just gets set aside, and since it is not the kind of work anyone signed up for, it may just get left undone, resulting in lost revenue.

Moving Forward: The Future of Rehab Medical Billing in 2022

Medical coding and billing have to be done effectively for the business to be successful, and millions of dollars are left on the table every year because medical facilities don’t have the resources to follow up on unpaid claims. Since that is all a specialist does, they can give their full attention to the billing, ensuring that each claim is properly managed until it is paid, and in the meantime, medical staff can give their attention to patients. The result is happier, returning patients, better revenue, and satisfied physicians.

Are you ready to find out how Medcare MSO can help your rehab increase revenue and practitioner satisfaction? Give us a call today at 800-640-6409. We understand this is a big decision and are happy to answer your questions.

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