Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

Providing a variety of services and often including many practitioners, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have the same billing complexities that hospitals do—but with a much smaller medical billing staff to take care of the questions and issues that may arise. Outsourcing ambulatory surgical center billing to Medcare MSO relieves the pressure created by trying to stay current on the complex ambulatory surgery billing codes while running a successful surgery center.


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April 1st, 2019

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3 Months

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$700,000 to $1 million

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Medcare MSO provides relief from billing confusion and increases revenue for ambulatory surgery centers.

Aggressive Management of Medical Billing Challenges for ASCs

Ambulatory Surgery Center Medical Billing

Reimbursement Rate Negotiation

Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation

Reimbursements from insurance networks and government payers are not flexible, but one area where ASC revenue can be greatly improved is in negotiating good rates as an out-of-network provider. Getting the best rates is a challenging process and payers have tough negotiators working for them. Medcare MSO has a trained negotiations team that knows the process inside and out to make sure our clients get the best reimbursements possible.

Patient Scheduling

Patient Scheduling

The medical revenue cycle begins with patient scheduling, and good payment results depend on getting this initial phase right. Our team of trained professionals will make sure the intake and scheduling process captures all required information and that it is correctly documented.

Missed Encounter Management and Tracking

Benefits Verification

Even though practitioners at an ASC may perform the same procedures at a hospital, there are limitations on what is reimbursable at the ambulatory surgery center. If any treatment or procedure is given that is not on the approved list, the ASC will not be paid, making benefits verification especially important in that setting. Medcare MSO’s team of trained professionals makes sure that proposed actions are included in the patient’s benefits, ensuring that services provided are reimbursable.

Unique Coding Requirements

Unique Coding Requirements

While all medical facilities use the same billing codes, there are detailed modifiers that are frequently required with surgical procedures. Any missing or incorrectly applied modifier will result in the entire claim being denied. Medcare MSO’s standard procedure includes having an expert medical biller “scrub” claims to ensure these coding details are correct before the claim is submitted.

Dedication to Revenue Cycle Management

Dedication to Revenue Cycle Management

Over the last decade, Medcare MSO has grown its expertise in ambulatory surgery center billing and expanded into all aspects of medical revenue cycle management (RCM). Our steady growth and successful track record are due in large part to having developed procedures that all of our highly trained staff follow to ensure that every client receives the same excellent service.

Coding Review as per regulatory authorities

Continual Electronic System Updates

ASC billing guidelines change annually, and various payers and insurers change their policies on an ongoing basis. Functioning effectively in today’s medical billing and coding environment requires use of the latest EHR/EMR software and technology. Medcare MSO works closely with programmers and security developers to ensure that our software is always up to date and our system protects patient information at the highest security level available.

Missed Encounter Management and Tracking

Innovative, Scalable Approach

Medcare MSO does much more than processing claims. Our innovative approach to medical billing includes complete medical revenue cycle management (RCM) from pre-appointment scheduling to handling collections. Ongoing training is another critical aspect of our successful system to ensure that our coders and billers are always up to date. By developing a large, highly trained team of medical billing and coding staff, we have been able to establish a group of specialists who are experienced with the specifics of ambulatory surgery center modifiers & coding among many other specialties in the medical field.

What Makes Medcare MSO So Successful as a ASC Billing Company

 successful medical billing company

Medcare MSO offers comprehensive EHR/EMR & physician billing services and best-practice process management to shorten your reimbursement cycle, increase revenue streams, and maximize profitability.