Mastering Medical Decision Making: Unlocking the Code to Accurate Billing and Optimal Reimbursement

Understanding medical decision making (MDM) is essential for ensuring accurate billing and maximizing reimbursement—but there is a lot to it. This webinar will provide medical professionals and billers with a comprehensive explanation of the key aspects of MDM and how they impact coding, documentation, and compliance.

Aug 16, 2023


02:00 PM


2 Hours


Essential Takeaways from the Medical Decision Making Webinar

Know the Elements

Three elements determine the level of service in MDM. We will explain each element and what you need to know about it.

Define the Terms

The terms may sound familiar, but what they mean in MDM is specific and distinct. We’ll cover each one in detail.

Use the Leveling Chart

We’ll show you the levels of MDM and Time and Charts to determine the optimal code for reimbursement.

Webinar Speakers

Shelley Duncan

Director of Revenue Cycle Management
Solutions Specialist: RCM, AR, Coding/Credentialing

Shelley Duncan serves as Medcare MSO’s Director of Revenue Cycle Management. She has been in the medical revenue field for 28 years and has been certified as a professional coder (CPC) by AAPC since 2012. Prior to joining Medcare MSO, Shelley owned a revenue cycle company for 10 years and taught CPT, ICD-9 & ICD-10, HCPCS, and billing classes in local community colleges.

Louis Evangelista

VP Sales & Business Development
Solutions Specialist: RCM, AR, Coding/Credentialing

With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Louis has dedicated his career to helping medical practices optimize workflows to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, while increasing revenue. He is happy to share his extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of medical billing and accounts receivable recovery.

Webinar Highlights

Identify the three elements of MDM and how to apply each.
Learn how to determine the category and complexity of data.
Clarify how to distinguish problems, their types and terminology (stable/chronic/acute) and know how to distinguish each category.
Get the additional rules for problem documentation and the specific types of problems to be coded.
Know the rules for documenting testing, especially when it is outside the normal set.
Understand shared decision-making billing and unperformed testing procedures.
Get the relevant factors for drug therapy requiring intensive monitoring for toxicity.
Learn coding and documentation practices for accurate billing and compliance to ensure optimal reimbursement.
Review how to put it all together with the MDM Leveling Chart.

Who Should Attend?

Medical Practitioners
Practice owners and managers
Laboratory managers
Medical billing specialists
Medical coders
Medical billing consultants
Revenue cycle management professionals
Compliance officers

Register now for Mastering Medical Decision Making. This information is vital for anyone who is responsible for coding and documentation related to decisions in patient care, from coders to business owners.

Bonus: Attendees who run a medical business will be offered a Free AR Analysis to get a clear picture of where they can increase revenue and shorten their reimbursement cycles.

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