The revenue cycle management plays an important role in the financial success of a medical organization. The benefits of outsourcing revenue cycle management have many facets. The outsourcing of billing for revenue cycle management is a very popular scenario among medical facilities internationally as the benefits greatly overweigh the risks.

The world Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) market size was measured at $23.6 billion in 2016 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.0% well in to the year 2025.

Optimization of workflow within healthcare industry and developmental growth of synchronized management systems is forecasted to support growth of the RCM market in the coming years.


Most of the billing experts of the baby boomer generation are being replaced with the generation X, generation Y and the millennial. It is putting pressure on the young generation to fit into the infrastructure of this domain.

As the progress for ICD-9 to ICD-10 is taking place, the technologies such as EMR/EHR, targeted at medical facilities, is making its way in the mainstream medicine and at the same time posing a great challenge.

Due to several reasons the outsourcing of revenue cycle management to the third world countries like India, Pakistan and Philippines is becoming a viable option. The skill set that is needed for revenue cycle management is found in abundance in these emerging economies. At the same time, the services of a high caliber rendered by these countries are highly cost-effective due to availability of cheap labor.

Once you decide to outsource your revenue cycle management, be sure to obtain the following benefits from it.

Increased Revenue

An experienced medical billing organization has the expertise to bring you a prominent and hefty increase in revenue. Any good billing agency will help you better in correcting the documentation, optimize coding, and efficiently carry out tasks for denial management and related appeals.

An outsourcing strategy definitely alleviates the work burden and cut down the administrative costs. It also makes the staff stress free. They will focus more on things that they do at their best. It generally leads to an increased revenue and improved bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Management Help Keep Pace with the Evolving Industry

The healthcare sector is constantly going through innovation and change. With an outsourced revenue cycle management plan, your healthcare facility can keep up with changes in the billing policies and practices.

Just trust your billing partner and make sure that you expect the best out of them.

Accurate and On Time Services

Mistakes in healthcare billing done by non-professionals results in delayed payments or even denial in the reimbursements of claims. Choosing the right billing partner ensures that submission of correct codes and accurate billing. Furthermore, an increased effectiveness in processes ensures more and on time payment with the elimination of delays for good.

Better Focus on Patient Care

When you do RCM outsourcing, your medical staff ends up having a better focus on patients.  Their healthcare services brings improved quality, relieving their work stress levels.

It also applies to physicians that run small clinics. Their scope of practice does not allow them to have a bigger team of medical professionals to deal with billing practices. Consequently, they end up caught with multiple denial of claims.

Furthermore, medical laboratory facilities performing routine tests can also benefit from RCM outsourcing reaping the same benefits as other medical facilities do.

Improvement in Cash Flow

In the case of in-house billing, the cash flow may get very disturbed when a biller or coder goes on vacation or takes a long leave. The claims pile up and get awaited until the staff comes back. Such billing disruptions affect your cash flow in the long run. When you outsource billing to specialized organizations, it ensures a steady cash flow from timely reimbursements of claims. A steady stream of cash flow plays a vital role in your success as a healthcare entrepreneur. It helps you make vital decisions.

Medcare MSO is a medical billing outsourcing organization with years of experience. Medcare MSO provide complete RCM solutions for healthcare organizations such as Clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Imaging centers at a very cost effective rate.

The billing company has many clients in the United States with a brilliant track record of serving hundreds of medical and healthcare organizations in the United States. Embracing high standards of quality service. Give us a call now and we will take care of all of your billing and coding needs.

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