Hospital Billing Services

Running a hospital means managing a lot of moving parts, but fortunately, Medcare MSO’s hospital billing services can relieve some of that stress. Not only does our innovative approach result in increased reimbursements, it also relieves the hospital of the expense of paying, housing and supporting a billing department.

We swiftly take care of your Medical Billing while ensuring Claims Management. Years of experience have contributed to the development of our claims management system. We have a track record of increasing revenue by at least 10% within a few months.

Factually, outsourcing hospital billing cuts logistical costs. In-house billing accounts for extra spendings with reference to office space, computers, tech support and HR personnel all add to the costs of paying salaries and benefits for in-house billing staff.

Medcare MSO uses the most up-to-date software: Medical billing software needs to be updated on an ongoing basis, making the good ones very expensive, and by turning hospital billing over to us, the institution is relieved of that expense, plus it benefits from having all the latest codes available.

Regular reports make our results transparent: Managing the finances of a hospital is a big responsibility, so we make it easy to see exactly what our billing services are accomplishing and the status of active claims and old accounts receivable (AR).

Customer support is a priority: We want you to be able to reach us any time you have a problem or question about our services. You’ll be able to reach us directly by phone (and never have to wait for your “ticket” to be processed by an automated system.)

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Hospital Billing Services

We stay up to date on the frequent changes to regulations

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Accurate coding, daily claims processing and presistenet follow up

Medcare MSO is a medical services organization that provides medical billing services and innovative business and practice management solutions. Our medical software is designed to help all types and sizes of healthcare organizations optimize their effectiveness and maximize profitability through efficient revenue cycle management.