Covid-19 Medical billing

COVID-19 Vaccine
Billing Services

Medcare MSO’s billing team is trained and ready to take care of all your COVID vaccine billing needs. The release of the much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccines has resulted in the need for fast action and medical practitioners don’t have time to study up on all the new coding and documentation requirements—so we are ready to take care of that for you.


As a dedicated medical billing company, Medcare MSO stays up to date with the new codes and reporting requirements as they are released. The latest billing challenges for practitioners have been around how to get reimbursed for COVID-19 vaccine administration, but our clients don’t have to worry at all.

Successfully Maximizing Reimbursements for Covid-19 Vaccine Medical Billing

Medcare MSO’s expertise is revenue cycle management and we don’t shy away from a challenge. Our experienced medical billers do what it takes to track down the new codes and procedures to get our clients paid.

Reimbursement for Free Vaccination

Initial doses are being supplied by the government at no charge, so providers must be sure not to charge for the vaccine itself, but to use the separate codes for the administration of the vaccine. When pharmaceutical companies begin to charge for vaccines, billing for vaccines that were free to the provider could result in a fraud investigation, so billing should be handled by professionals.

Roster Billing

Providers enrolled as mass immunizers and some others must use roster billing. Multiple patients must be on the same roster, but multiple immunizations given to an individual at the same time must be kept on separate rosters. Medcare MSO’s COVID-19 vaccine billing services keep it all straight, so you don’t have to worry about it.

State Requirements

Each state has its own processes in addition to Medicare requirements. Medcare MSO’s medical billing team accommodates each one to make sure that all requirements are met, and our clients receive the reimbursements they deserve.

Uninsured Patients

Reimbursement is available for the vaccine and its administration for patients who are uninsured through the Provider Relief Fund. (Medicare rates are used for most reimbursement according the fund’s web page at We submit the necessary documentation, so our clients get paid for giving the vaccine to uninsured patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Medcare MSO provides support for all aspects of the medical revenue cycle from payer credentialing to patient billing. Our clients often start with one service, such as handling old AR accounts, and are so happy with the increased revenue they receive that they request additional services. Interacting with insurers and government payers is time consuming and can be stressful for practitioners, but we are happy to take care of all of it for our clients.

No Hidden Costs

Our services can be customized to meet your needs and we don’t charge for packaged services that you don’t want. We also don’t charge a setup fee or any other large sums for vague reasons. Medcare MSO makes it a habit to be upfront about exactly what we can do for you and what we will charge. We strive to be a trusted partner and are committed to our clients’ success.

No Abandoned Claims

Literally millions of dollars are lost every year by medical practitioners who don’t have the time or energy to follow up on denied or rejected claims. A small percentage of claims will never be paid, but the vast majority can be successfully appealed and reimbursement received.

Transparent and Accessible

Aside from our success at increasing client revenue, what sets Medcare MSO apart is our commitment to maintaining a beneficial relationship with our clients. You can reach us by phone and will be able to speak to someone who is familiar with your particular business—you won’t have to fill out a “ticket” and wait for days to get a response or get automated general info from a bot instead of a real person. Reports are available weekly and present several key performance indicators (KPIs). You can track payments received, of course, but also see how long it takes to get paid after services are given, percentage of claims paid, and much more.

Experienced Billing Team

It takes a lot of experience to become familiar with all the details of medical billing and to know what to look for to avoid problems with claims. We’ve been in this business for nearly ten years and have dealt with every kind of billing complexity. Our staff really is a team, with a regional manager assigned to each client and multiple billers dedicated to that project. Before claims are submitted, a senior biller “scrubs” each one looking for any missing information or other common errors to make sure no avoidable mistakes cause problems.

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