Advancement in Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is changing. Advances in medicine and technology have paved the way for groundbreaking medical screenings, tests, treatment, and preventive care. But census entry methods still lag behind. In medical billing, time is money, and delays in order processing and completion can cost you your business. You need a cost-effective, reliable census entry process to ensure your practice management and billing methods are as advanced as the services you provide.

Receiving, creating, completing, and billing for orders should be a simple, streamlined process, but that isn’t always the case. Manually entering orders is time-consuming and prone to errors. And it’s especially frustrating when a provider sends them over with missing, incomplete, or incorrect information. That means you have to spend additional time communicating with various providers to correct or complete orders.

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Office Workflow and Billing

When you’re spending unnecessary time gathering, entering, and correcting information, it’s easy to fall behind. And this only creates bigger problems and further delays because you’re struggling to keep up. Late orders lead to loss of business and denied claims, and they negatively affect your bottom line.

Medcare MSO provides efficient and accurate census entry to keep your office and billing process running smoothly. Once we receive client requisitions, we create digital orders in the appropriate information system. And because we understand that time is critical to maintaining your workflow, we make sure your order is in the system within 20 minutes of receiving it. That means orders are quickly routed to the appropriate healthcare professional and can be completed in a timely manner. We also review and promptly dispatch overnight orders.


To ensure the accuracy of every order, census entry professionals at Medcare MSO handle communications with ordering providers to obtain missing or incomplete information. And our census entry services don’t end when the order is in. We also deliver test results to the provider and update the system with the clinical findings.

Medcare MSO provides comprehensive services that reduce census entry costs, streamline your workflow, increase productivity and profit, and decrease errors and denied claims. We offer census entry as a standalone service or as an added billing service, and our billing software can fully integrate with any information system on the market. From start to finish, and every step in between, Medcare MSO is there to keep you on track and on time.