AR Recovery

AR recovery stands for Accounts receivables. Practices are now adopting effective medical billing and coding to escalate claims first-pass rate and monthly collections. Still, all this effort to mitigate claim denials, rejections, and low payments is inevitable. 

All these missed revenues can be gained by reworking and appealing to the payer. This procedure of relooking on the denied claims with an insurance firm until complete reimbursement is obtained is known as AR recovery. 

AR Aging Report

AR Aging Report helps to keep a record of denials. It assists in navigating how long the amount is outstanding. The longer the claims are pending, the opportunity for reimbursement will blur. 

Tracking and Evaluating Medical Billing Records

Tracking all the claims to ensure whether they are paid, less paid, or denied assists in evaluating which ones need to be followed up by the AR team. 

Productive AR Follow up

A productive AR follow-up involves formulating an adjustment policy. AR team ensures that the appeal is timely filed.  

Outsourcing AR Recovery to Experts 

It’s the best recourse for a practice to work effectively and provide undivided attention to its patients. A medical billing firm has an AR team of experts who know how to recover maximum revenue for you.  

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