How Medcare MSO’s Medical Billing Solutions Focus on Customer Service

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical billing solutions may sound like the job of an accounting or bookkeeping firm, but at Medcare MSO, we consider ourselves to be in the customer service business. Yes, we have a large staff of experienced medical billers, and we prepare, scrub and submit claims for reimbursement, but what sets us apart is our commitment to customer service.

Dedicated Team Members Serve Each Account

We understand that when you have a concern or question about your medical billing, the last thing you want is to reach a huge call center with someone reading to you from a script.

One of Medcare MSO’s unique medical billing solutions is assigning a dedicated customer support manager to each client. When you need help, that person will be the one you talk to and they will be familiar with your business and billing.

Additionally, we have a team of billers working on each client’s claims and a billing manager overseeing the account. That’s part of the secret to how our model makes sure no claims are lost.

While the team may be submitting hundreds of claims daily, the billing manager is responsible for tracking them and seeing that every rejection or denial is swiftly addressed.

Accessibility Is a Priority

Another concern busy professionals have is being able to get help when they need it, and not get put on hold or stuck in a queue that takes days to get through.

The issue is that the person they need is not accessible, so in our system, not only is there a customer support manager, but we also make sure it is easy to reach them. You don’t have to file a support ticket and wait for someone to get around to it. The customer support manager is available by phone.

Resolving Claim Issues Is On Us

We file claims daily to help our clients get reimbursements as soon as possible, and our process includes a review of each claim to ensure that all the necessary information is included and is presented properly. However, a certain number of denials is unavoidable for various reasons, and we make it our job to track each claim so that those denials get resolved and our clients get paid.

Medical practices that don’t have an expert billing staff lose up to 25% of their potential income, and dropped claims are a huge part of that. Resolving a denied claim takes much more time than simply filing a claim for a newly delivered service, so many billers tend to avoid the extra work, but we don’t shy away from the hard stuff.

We Will Answer Billing Questions for Your Patients

All the various medical insurance plans and programs can be as confusing as the billing codes themselves. Patients are often left with a balance due and in many cases don’t understand why. Interpreting the Explanation of Benefits (EoB) and explaining it to them can be challenging for medical office staff, so if our clients want us to take care of that, we are happy to do it. Because our staff is already familiar with the billing for the appointment or procedure, it is easier for us to explain things; and patients are much more likely to pay when they feel confident that they have been billed correctly.

At Medcare MSO, we are committed to providing first-class medical billing solutions to all our clients, regardless of the size of the business or value of the claims.

Many medical billing companies want to grab the high-dollar claims and avoid dealing with smaller amounts, but our system is ideal for all fields, including labs with hundreds of relatively small claims filed daily. To find out how we can help you streamline your billing and increase your revenue today, give us a call at 800-640-6409.

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