CPT Codes

CPT is the abbreviation for Current Procedural Terminology. CPT codes allow the Healthcare practitioners to have a language for coding the medical services and treatments a patient has received. This language uniformity helps ensure smooth reporting, increased precision, and order.

Use of CPT Nomenclature

CPT codes are accepted all over the USA. They are utilized to report any medical, surgical, anesthesiologic, radiological, evaluation and management services provided under public and private health insurance plans. 

How are CPT codes generated and maintained?

CPT codes have been in use as cardinal medical terminology to communicate in the entire healthcare domain. It helps to enable a smooth process and the latest analytics for keeping in record medical treatments. 

CPT codes are maintained and updated by the CPT Editorial Panel designated by the AMA Board of Trustees. 

Evolving and updating CPT codes 

Medicine evolves, and there come advancements and innovations in the industry. So, the CPT code sets are also updated accordingly, keeping the clinical cognizance.

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