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Medcare MSO has always focused on building a trustworthy relationship with its clients. Our medical billing experts make sure to put the requirements of our customers first and then fulfill their expectations with well-managed medical billing services. With over 12 years of Healthcare IT and billing experience, our professionals know how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Medcare MSO is the top medical billing agency in the USA that offers completely customized medical billing solutions. The best part is that our solutions are specially designed to meet your unique demands. So we can better streamline your business operations including; claim processing, the billing process, and revenue cycle management services (RCM).

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When it comes to innovative healthcare IT solutions_ Medcare MSO has everything that can make your business run more efficiently. Our highly functioning medical billing software rapidly fuels your business growth with improved insights and better control.



First pass clean claims rate


First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Production Improvement


Revenue Increase

Reduction in A/R


Reduction in A/R

Days Turn Around Time


Days Turn Around Time

Collection Ratios


Collection Ratios

120+ AR

↓ 10%

120+ AR




At Medcare MSO, we know that one size doesn’t fit all your needs. Our mission is to always listen to our customers and provide exceptional, tailored support that fosters healthy practices and happy patients.


We’re not like ordinary medical billing agencies and we like it that way. Our vision is to help healthcare practitioners to adopt innovative medical billing solutions that can accelerate their business growth and ensure sustainability in the long run.

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When you outsource medical billing services to us, then we dedicate a well-qualified account manager that tracks down every detail of your account. In this way, we make sure that not even a single uncollected dollar from your revenue slips between the cracks.


Our certified medical billing specialists & technical analysts are highly trained, exceptionally skilled, and adept in all areas of medical claims billing. With great expertise, our highly skilled medical billing outsourcing agency never lets you compromise over the quality. Our dedicated workforce offers the most efficient medical billing services that help you to break new ground.


Maximize your business profitability with standardized medical billing processes and unlock new levels of productivity across your business. Experts at Medcare MSO offer real-time analytics reporting so you can evaluate your business growth with great agility.


If you find your practice struggling with excessive claim denials and difficult to handle insurance companies then we’ve got you covered. Since we integrate cloud-based electronic medical records and medical billing software solutions with your existing system. So we make sure that your revenue cycle management system works more efficiently.


Unlike ordinary medical billing companies, Medcare encourages creativity and curiosity in our team. Nothing in history was ever improved upon by accepting things as they were. We are committed to innovation and ingenuity, and that means allowing inquisitive minds to consider better ways to help our customers.

Streamline your revenue cycle management services to discover the true potential of your healthcare practice. Medcare MSO delivers the most comprehensive medical billing services so you can organize your key business operations and optimize workflow.

It’s difficult to remain completely focused on patient care when you’re worrying about your bottom line. If your current medical billing system is not efficient enough to control consistent cash flow across your accounts. Then definitely you need such insights that can help you get prepared for the next economy.


Looking for the best medical billing agency that provides cost-effective healthcare billing solutions? Medcare MSO is a one-stop billing agency that aligns the right strategies for medical practices (no-matter large or small medical practices). So you can achieve your revenue goals with the best support.