Your Business Partner in Practice Development

Your Business Partner in Practice Development

Medcare MSO is the perfect partner to help you set up your new practice by implementing our medical software, and billing and coding best practices. With our expert team and customized medical software behind you, the stress of complying with EHR/EMR regulations is gone. You can focus on building your practice instead of hiring a team to do billing and coding and training employees to follow up on all the medical billing issues that are common throughout the industry.

We want to help you achieve all of your goals and look forward to becoming a partner in your long term medical practice. Our plans are targeted and have proven successful. We create timelines and a list of targets to help you become successful. Your contracts, credentials and standing are set up so that your interactions with health plans, insurance companies and IPAs are efficient and painless—and of course, our medical billing assistance helps keep you solvent.

Core Services:

  • Billing and Coding System Implementation
  • Physician Billing Collections
  • EMR/EHR Best Practices
  • Consultation Services—Practice
    Management Software (PMS)
  • EMR/EHR Best Practices
  • Consultation Services— EMR/EHR SOP Design
  • Compliance Design for your Practice
  • Cost Segregation and Analysis
  • Filing NPI Application
  • Universal Credentialing
  • Medicare Credentialing
  • Medicaid Credentialing
  • Participation/Non-Participation Agreements
  • HMO and PPO Plans Contracting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Payer Enrollments
  • Medical Billing Compliance Updates

Your Business Partner as Practice Developer:

As your business partner, Medcare MSO’s billing team can fast-track your startup with a discounted rate. We can offer you low startup costs, thanks to the efficiency of our medical billing software and efficient billing and coding practices. You will also have access to the services of an industry-certified EMR and PMS specialist at no additional charge, as a valuable addition to other services.


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