Billing and Practice Management Services

Medical Software, Physician Billing and Practice Management Service

Are your medical billing collections not running as smoothly as they can be? Do you have times when there is a problem with processing checks and audits? Inefficient accounting and problems with billing and coding are often the culprits. In order to have a complete and contingent revenue cycle, you need to have an EHR/EMR system that ensures your goals are easily achievable. With the right billing and coding tools and EHR/EMR medical software, effective management solutions can be easily created.

Staff and personnel attempting to manage physician billing sometimes find it difficult to work with payers and patients. They lack the ability to reach out and find out more information on certain medical billing and accounts receivable issues. Being able to locate the correct support systems when they are needed is priceless. We ensure that physicians focus on the delivery of service without having to worry about billing and coding practices and management contingencies.

If you are having problems with patient collections or you think that you are a victim of low reimbursements from the insurance company, we can help. There may be confusions with billing and coding or entries in the EHR-EMR that confuse the patient. The terminology in medical billing isn't always clear to patients and using the right medical software makes physician billing much more efficient. We offer you the solutions you need. These issues will soon fade into the past as we provide you with a system that creates advanced contract compliance.

Medicare MSO is your partner and we make sure that you have an all-access pass to a diverse set of services that cover the broad range of medical support you provide.

  • EHR/EMR Medical Software
  • Billing and Coding
  • Medical Billing
  • Physician Billing for Private Practice
  • EOB Management
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Medical Billing Forms (CMS-1500 and UB04)
  • Primary and Secondary Billing/Rebilling
  • Payment Posting
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Line-Item Payment Posting
  • Recalls and Follow-up Reminders
  • Patient Statement Cycling
  • Transaction History
  • E&M Guideline-based Billing
  • Professional & Institutional Claims
  • Workers Comp & No-Fault
  • Financial Reporting (Account, claim and line-item level)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Electronic Superbill
  • Payment Plans and Collections
  • Patient Account Management
  • Aging Reports
  • Account Receivable
  • Rejection handling
  • Appeals/Denial management
  • Payer Enrolment
  • Claim Negotiation


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