EHR/EMR Medical Software

Physician Practice Management

Whether you are a physician starting up a new practice, or a seasoned professional, you know that spending your days learning medical software, filling out forms to comply with billing requirements, resolving coding conflicts, and following up on collections is not the best use of your time. Trying to keep your staff up to date with the latest coding and EMR/EHR changes is also a difficult task.

Your dedication to your patients is of the utmost importance, and as a medical professional, it is where your focus should be. We have created an entire system that ensures you will never have to micromanage again. Spend more time with your patients and leave the management of your practice to our skilled team of EHR/EMR service professionals. We offer complete and customized billing and project management services to meet your needs.

We will provide you with physician practice management services and modern medical software at a very affordable rate. We assign a Medcare Regional Manager to your office to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your staff are still employees of the physician practice, however they are supported by our expert team, and we assist them with the billing and coding process. The Medcare process can also work with payroll, coordinate benefits and provide your office with human resource services. We will process and collect your accounts receivable, and offer full accounting services.

Our clients have control over their medical practice at all times, including the approval of payments. We invite you to try our services today. Once you do, we feel certain that you will not want to return to micromanaging your practice. Let us deal with the technical issues of implementing EMR/EHR, making physician practice management and billing and coding the least of your worries.


  • Billing and Coding
  • Physician Billing
  • EHR/EMR Medical Software
  • Medical Billing Collections
  • Staff Administration (H.R., Payroll and Benefits Administration)
  • EMR/EHR-Integrated Accounting
  • PPO Contracting
  • Group Purchasing Discounts
  • Regional Manager Oversight
  • Physician Credentialing with Coding Evaluation
  • EMR/EHR Custom Template Design
  • Medical Coding Evaluation and Updating


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