Support for Small Billing Companies

Support for Small Billing Companies

Healthcare legislation and practices are rapidly changing. Medcare MSO can provide you with an extensive range of services. Small businesses need to keep up with HIPAA and EHR/EMR regulations, changes in billing and coding, medical software and insurance policy guidelines. We know that having a trained and dedicated team is now more necessary than ever.

Medcare MSO helps medical billing companies streamline their systems and allows them to focus on customer relations as their top priority. Getting new business and taking care of customers' EHR/EMR compliance, billing and coding, physician billing, and, of course, collections for medical billing that goes unpaid are all vital services.

We understand the challenge that comes with trying to brand yourself as being distinct from other billing companies in a global market, and attempting to get away from the “commodity” mindset. Medcare MSO will help your company transition to a practice management company with low upfront costs. We provide support during the entire process. We can also help you lower the cost structure with our medical billing, EHR/EMR and Business Process Outsourcing technologies. Medcare MSO will help you to diversity your client portfolio and build loyalty with physician practice management services.

How Medical Billing Companies Benefit from Working With Medcare MSO

The medical billing company is still in control of the entire system. They hold the same contracts with physicians that they held before, and still control all of the collections and physician billing aspects. We provide training and support throughout the entire process.

The billing company gets access to web-based practice management, including an EHR/EMR system with low-cost training and startup fees. We will look for new sources of revenue and build loyalty with your client base.

Your small business can rely on Medcare MSO for help when converting clients, and with EHR/EMR issues you might be having. We work with low-cost, high-quality outsourced medical billing resources that help to improve quality and reduce costs to you.

Additional Benefits

  • Straight reduction in cost
  • EHR/EMR & HIPAA compliance and PHI security
  • You keep complete control of your medical billing business
  • Improved accountability and reporting
  • Efficient physician billing
  • Medical billing collections
  • State of the art medical software and IT infrastructure
  • Dedicated team to deliver measurable results


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