Healthcare BPO

Healthcare BPO – Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing

High overhead costs are making it difficult for physician practices to be profitable, while at the same time, an aging US population is rapidly increasing the demands placed on healthcare organizations. Medcare MSO’s services provide relief to overworked medical staff, and save practitioners money by providing vital services on an outsourced basis.

Medcare MSO provides continuous business process outsourcing solutions for the healthcare industry. Our focus is on reducing health care administration costs for our clients by implementing state-of-the-art practices and utilizing the latest technology.

Medcare MSO is highly committed to providing BPO Healthcare services which are endorsed by all the stakeholders of the health care industry, including payers, providers, and pharmacy benefits managers. Our highly-qualified team of professionals, including business process consultants, MBAs, and project managers is capable of handling all BPO-related issues.

Why Should You Outsource to Medcare MSO?

On top of losing 30% of their revenues (on average) to unpaid claims, most practices actually end up spending more money running in‐house billing operations than they would spend by outsourcing. Letting Medcare MSO take care of billing also saves practitioners the headaches of operational and administrative tasks associated with the billing process.

Cost Comparison: In‐House Vs. Outsourced Billing Operations
for Practice Billing 25,000 Dollars Annually
In-House Costs Medcare MSO Cost

Annual Pay (1 employee at $12/hr)


Medical Billing & Collection Fee (8% of billed amount)





Other Benefits






Reference Materials



Clearinghouse and EDI Fees



Hardware/Software Upgrades


Annual Total $35,078 Annual Total $24,000
Annual Savings with Medcare MSO: $11,078


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