Are you up to date with your timely filings?

One of the most critical issues for providers is the timely filling limits of insurance companies, which have been constantly shortened in recent years.p>

Payers seem to be looking for ways to make the payment process more difficult. Medicare has changed their policy to not allow any claims over 12 months to be eligible for submission. In response to this problem, many practice management systems have developed a timely filing monitoring function. These solutions provide an automatic alert to follow up on the claim and even bill/re-bill in advance of filing deadlines.

The best practice for any medical billing service is to follow up on completed practice claims within 45 days and to make sure no claims are un-paid in 30+ aging. While following up on the claims, payers with low timely filing and slow payment history should be followed up first.

Ideally, all practices should be aware of their practice payer mix and the number of days left for critical filing. Some insurance company rates vary according to the dates of submission.

There are several payers which offer the opportunity for providers to submit claims after the timely filing period. Such payers require a special timely filing indicator that justifies the late filing. An appropriate delay reason code helps to prevent a payment reduction on the claim.

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