Dual Aspect: Key to Success for your Practice!

These days many health care providers and groups are looking to find unique ways to get better reimbursements for their services.
One interesting development that has emerged in the industry is to have a Dual Aspect in the healthcare practice. Basically; dual aspect refers to having two practices at the same location operating under two different NPI and Tax IDs. The key point in setting up two different practices is to be participating and non-participating with payers at the same time.
M J Baba, MD a pulmonologist in Houston, TX has been working under the dual aspect policy for some time now. He operates two different practices under the same location named as Clear Lake Pulmonary (Participating Group) and Clear Lake Hospitalist (Non-participating Group)

The practice sees all of its PPO clients under Clear Lake Hospitalist, resulting in more reimbursements processed at reasonable and customary fee rather than just being paid at the flat contracted rate. Dr Baba’s practice has had some great success after the implementation of this policy which generates more money with the same amount of time and service delivery.

This small single provider practice and the method they have followed was successful to the point that they now employ over 10 health care providers. Getting the most out of billing procedures is a must in today’s competitive environment

“The experience working under the dual aspect has been phenomenal, now we don’t have to worry about lower reimbursements tracking and having to deal with tough follow ups after that. Under some indemnity plan, reimbursements went up from $60.00 to $90.00” said Dr Baba.

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