Cost Effectiveness is EHR

Pediatricians are up to date on using many technologically advanced tools to ensure that patients are receiving the best practice that they could possible get. Items like scales, sphygmomanometers and more are often employed on a well check . However, in a recent study the Seattle Children’s Hospital has found that many pediatricians are seriously lacking when it comes to effective computer and IT systems.

In fact, the most recent findings conducted in November of 2012 only 3 percent of pediatricians were using a system that was functional and pediatric supportive. This is the lowest rate of all of the medical specialists. Compare the 3% rate to the self respited rate of 41% by other medical services and you can see that many pediatricians need to adopt the EHR use. According to Michael Leu, MD of the study “Even if the pediatricians are adopting the systems that they’re adopting don’t have the features that would really make the practice easier.”

The study also found:
3% of Pediatricians use EHR
19% use a basic system
6% only use a fully functional EHR

The largest factor for pediatricians was the financial barrier, but with Medcare MSO’s easily applied systems the cost is significantly lower.

The answer is easy Medcare MSO offers pediatricians what they need to ensure that they are using the most effect EHR systems. Staff at Medcare MSO are highly trained and consistently ready to answer questions.

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